Friday, September 12, 2008

Coast to Coast

It has been two weeks now since I have been home from Oregon and thought it was finally time to blog about it. Julee and I both went to visit family in Oregon. Julee stayed for the first week and then went back to work while I stayed for the whole two weeks of the vacation. I know what you are thinking... "what a jerk for staying on vacation while your wife had to go back to work." Well, She has done it to me several times and so I didn't feel any guilt. In-fact while she was gone I was I able to get some serious playing in with my Dad and Brother that I haven't been able to do for a long time.

The first week my parents Julee and I floated the Yumkua river in western Oregon. Never herd of it? Neither had I. It is a coastal river and so does not get much water from snow making the water really worm (for Oregon). It was a fun trip, tons and tons of bass, some fun canoeing, and beautiful scenery.

Before Julee left we also made a quick trip to the coast and had some long romantic rainy walks on the beach. We also played around on some cool rocks.

The second week Ben my Dad and I climbed Mt. Jefferson. At 10,500 ft. it was a really fun mountain with an exiting summit. I have never climbed it before and had a lot of fun. Words can not give credit to how incredible it is to climb a mountain, and pictures can never capture all the eye can see but these will have to do:

After climbing my Dad and I were sore enough that we decided to go fishing instead of climbing something else. Steel head fishing is fun, and really fun in you catch something. My Dad hooked one and then let me reel it in. I am not afraid of fish (as it appears in the picture, the fish was wiggling and I didn't want to loose it).

It was fun to hang out with family and enjoy an Oregon summer.