Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Fun

We went to a pumpkin patch and it was great money eating fun.  The girls painted pumpkins...
Dani got her pony ride...
rode in a barrel train...
played in the hay...
posed on some pumpkins and they got to play in bouncy houses, go down a giant slide several times on a burlap sack, and ride on some carnival ride swings.  October is a fun month. 
We got some yummy zombie corn from Papa and Grandma P.  Carlee is always being thoughtful, this time her kindness led her to make a trail of zombie corn for Danilyn to eat when she got up from her nap.  Sweet child.

Grandpa and Granny Nielsen came to our house for Halloween!!!  We put on our crazy wigs and went out in the lovely temperature to trick or treat with a nice witch (a costume my mom made for me when I was Dani's age), a skeleton and a elephant. 

Oh, yes and a Judo dude as well.

Peter has these pumpkin jams too.  Notice the hole in the toe?  Every single pair of footed cloths he has develop two holes where his big toes are.  He is constantly moving his toes up and down, up and down.  Kinda funny.  He was also a pea pod for our church's Trunk or Treat this  year and I was a chef, hehe.  I don't know where that picture is.  For Carlee's school  Halloween party I was Mrs. Incredible with the black boots and stuff and I wore Peter in the front pack with an Incredibles patch on it and Peter was Dash.  No picture of that one.  The girls got to dress up for Trick or Treating at Sea world too, but that was hot and not much fun.  It has cooled down and been a lot nicer, thank goodness!  I hope it was a fun month for the girls.  I am glad their costumes were easy this year, even then it all felt like a lot of work for me but we loved having Matt's parents here for a few days and getting to go to Dallas with them as well and meet precious baby Madeline.  Remember our monster garage door from last year?  We did that again this year and when I took it down a few days ago Dani cried and wailed, "My monster, my monster!"  I couldn't even tell her that it was no big deal we could do it again next year because I don't know what our garage door will look like next year.  See ya later October, hello November.   

Danilyn's Third Birthday

We celebrated her birthday on October 14th instead of  her actual birthday Saturday the 12th because Matt was gone to a Scout camp out all day.  So she got to open presents in the morning and then play and watch her new movie Epic.  After her nap we made the cup cakes and then got all fancied up to go down town for her Birthday Princess carriage ride.   

We walked around in search of her carriage and she showed strangers her new Merida shoes and everyone admired the two pretty princess that you don't see every day.  Matt disappeared around the corner and pretty soon we heard the clop clop of a horse coming our way.  It was pulling this beautiful carriage just for Danilyn!  Ooh, and it even had a little door on it that she got to open.  (Carlee said that she hoped it would have just that.)

You can imagine their initial excitement, worth every pretty penny! 

We went on a ride around town feeling like royalty (wink, wink). 

The horses name was Babe and Dani was disappointed  that she didn't get to ride on her as well. 
We then took this tired little princess home and ate some left overs so we could move on to the cup cake part of her celebration.  They got to decorate their own cup cakes.  I bought this pink sparkly gel that looked like sparkly lip stick Dani said, big hit and super easy for me! 
This little girl loved being sung to by her family.  It was a special moment for her, and me too.

We hope it was a memorable and special day for her!  Hope you felt like a princess Danilyn.  You are so loved my child.