Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lots of Photos to Share

Matt passed his Dental Board test!!!!!!!! He got an 84% with individual scores on each section all higher than the national average. Way to go smarty pants. All the hard work pays off. My husband really is going to be a dentist...sweet!
We went on a trip to Oregon to see Matt's family. While we were there, just the three of us went to Crater Lake National Park. We learned a lot about it; I will spare you the details (you all should go check it out yourselves sometime), but you might be interested to know why it is so blue. I will tell you. It is the deepest lake in the United States, reaching almost 2,000 ft at it's deepest point. Nothing flows into it except snowmelt and rain. Nothing flows out of it except some seepage through the rocks. About the same amount that comes into the lake each year seeps out so it maintians a consistent level, give or take a few feet. Because it is not churned up and contaminated by tributaries, it remains pure and has visibility to incredible depths. Before the beautiful Crater Lake existed there was a volcano, Mt. Mazama which spewed out it's insides and then collapsed forming a caldera which eventually filled with water. Now we have this magnificant lake. I guess I didn't spare many details.
Yes, it was extremely cold but refreshing to swim in.

We went on a boat tour and were dropped off on an island in the lake where we found a nice spot to hang out and go for a dip.

We had a blast!
We hiked to the highest point in the park early in the morning as the sun was rising.

On our way to Crater Lake we stopped at Timber Line Lodge at the base of Mt. Hood and checked it out. At Crater Lake we stayed at the lodge on the edge of theh caldera and had a great view from our windows.

Carol, Matt's mom and I went shopping at some outlet stores where we got Carlee that adorable apple buray. There were these beautiful flower trees there. I have never seen anything quite like them. While we shopped and did girly things, Matt went fishing with his dad on the Deschutes river and caught some Steel Head that tasted great! (He can post about it if he ever gets around to it.)

Thank you Mike and Carol sooooooo much for EVERYTHING!