Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pizza Anyone?

Matt's sister Angela and her husband Kevin and their four kiddos came our way from Dallas. We ate pizza at Big Lou's, a 42 inch pizza, I'm serious.  Cost: $100



We waited a long time for that pizza! It was tasty.
We have never celebrated St. Patrick's Day until this weekend.
A Leper con left green and gold candy in every one's shoe!

They came to our neck of the woods and told us where all the Texas size food is at.
 Cinnamon roll anyone?  We have plenty left over!
This is what a three pound cinnamon roll looks like...
This is how you eat it... 

                   This is how it makes you feel...
After all that huge food, we still have to keep eating, funny thing about our bodies. 
Thanks for the great weekend guys!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Story Time

Wow, so much to blog about.  We have lots of fun photos and happenings as of late.  First of all, here are the rest of the pictures from our trip to Oregon for Christmas:
(Crabbing at Netards from Grandpa's boat.)

(This is all the loot we brought home from Christmas.)
We had some fun at the park in strange (for us) warm weather in December.


Next, was Matt's 32nd birthday at the end of January.  It was low key but fun because it was on a Saturday so he was actually around.  That in and of itself is a treat for us girls (usually) hehe.  He just relaxed most of the day while I slaved away in the kitchen (I kid, mostly).  I got his massive three layer German Chocolate cake made from scratch, then made home made pizza that we ate as an early dinner and then we had some good friends come over to eat cake with us and join in celebrating Matt and all he has accomplished in his life so far.  He is incredible. 


 Valentine's Day was sweet...way too sweet.  We started out with a sugar loaded breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and pink buttermilk syrup.  Then, I pretty much let Carlee and Dani eat all the Valentine Candy they wanted throughout the day, figuring what the heck, it is only once a year.  Then, when Matt finally got home from work, we exchanged Valentine gifts (mostly candy) and ate even more sweets before dinner, which wasn't even made yet (yes, having a hard time keeping up these days).  Then we made the girls boxed mac n' cheese with hot dogs and put them to bed.  I went and got Chinese take out which we ate while trying to watch a romantic movie but the food wasn't very good and the movie was total trash.  Later that night, I awoke to Dani crying in her room.  I found her on the floor because she couldn't get her door open.  It stunk so bad when I opened the door, I immediately thought, POOP.  I ask Dani if she pooped her pants.  She looked slightly insulted and said no.  Then I discovered the PILE of vomit on her bed/pillow.  The pillow had absorbed all of the liquid so all that remained was slightly digested mac n' cheese, hot dogs and whatever else.  I told myself not to add to the mess.  I got Dani cleaned in the tub and in a different bed with a bowl next to her and clear instructions to throw up only in the bowl!  Then I took the sheets and pillow to the kitchen sink where the smelly mess was rinsed and disappeared into the hungry disposal.  Matt slumbered like a content baby. Good thing for the plastic crib mattress in that toddler bed, those people knew what they were doing when they made that thing.  The pillow went out to the trash.  As, it turns out, Dani was happy as could be, no stomach flu, just too much junk in her belly...Happy Valentine's Day kid!!! 

(We frosted cookies and made Valentine goodies to take to our neighbor's and friends a few days before Valentine's Day) 
Next was my 30th birthday at the end of February.  It fell on a Wednesday which happens to be the busiest day of the week for Matt because of Scouts.  So, Tuesday night we went to Panera Bread because I really like eating there, I am so posh, I know.  I thought that would be the total celebration, so you can see why I thought it was no big deal to take on babysitting my friends three girls from 9:30 to 5:30 on my birthday, right?  Well, as it turns out it was a big deal and it kinda ruined all of Matt's big plans.  He had a huge surprise party planned and had even tried to set up a play date in which I would have to go pick up the girls and be back a little after 5:00, which I accepted and then postponed to another time so I could babysit.  So, then Matt's plan was to get home by 4:30, so he could make sure the house was picked up and that I was ready for the day and such before the guests arrive at 5:00.  Well, that didn't work either.  He had a patient come in late.  So, around 4:30 I get a call from Matt, he asked me if I was ready for the day.  I was like, uh, yaaaa, it is 4:30.  Then I get another call at like 4:45ish and he begins by apologizing and letting me know that neighbors and friends are going to be showing up very shortly for a surprise party but he won't be.  Oh my goodness.  I yell at the girls to get all the toys picked up RIGHT NOW!  Ten minutes later my friend and her daughter arrive, she said she discovered it was my birthday and came to bring me a gift.  She came in, took her shoes off, and we chatted.  I didnt' know if she was here for the party or really just came to bring me a gift.  The next knock at the door was her husband and their two baby boys.  He said, surprise!  Then people just kept coming.  Soon our house was full of the happy sound of friends and their children, 12 to be exact.  I was still babysitting, in case you were wondering.  Finally, around 5:30 a frazzled Matt arrives with two beautiful cakes.  He proceeds to cut the cake and pass it out on glass plates to the children before I stop him and grab what paper plates we have, wipe off the children who have already stuck their fingers in the frosting, and send them all outside to eat their cake.  Phew.  It was nice to have everyone come, sing and eat...and it was nice when everyone left, lets just be honest.  Matt of course had to leave as well to go to Scouts.  So, I was left in a house that looked like a birthday tsunami hit.  I just sat on the couch and waited for the Domino's pizza to arrive.  It had been a long day for a 7 month along pregnant lady who just turned 30!  It was a birthday never to forget, that is for sure!  Thanks Matt for every effort you put into that day!!!  And thank you for the awesome presents.  He had our blog printed into a book (so cool) and got me a beautiful framed picture of the Savior that I wanted.  He did good.  He was trying to make up for last year, hehe. 

A few days later my sister Angie and her husband Brad and their two boys Harper and Rowan came to stay a week from Toas, NM.  It is awesome that they came all the way to San Antonio (12 hour drive) for their children's spring break this year.  We went to South Padre Island, except Matt unfortunately.  We stayed in a hotel right on the beach.  It was cold and windy but we made the best of it.  It was pretty much Harper and Rowan's first time at the beach and they loved it.  They didn't let the cold keep them from getting in the ocean.  As many times as Carlee and Dani have been to the beach in their lives, you would think that they would like to play in the ocean water, but they don't.  They like the sand though.  Dani and Harper stepped on a blue Man-O-War.  We collected tons of sea shells.  The awesome swimming pools at the hotel were ice cold but there was one that was slightly heated so we hung out there and the hot tub.  We were there the week before spring break so it was quiet on the beach and at the hotel.  We ate some good sea food.  Angie, Dani and I were sick so it was all kinda challenging, but when is life with (or without) young kids not challenging?  We were there Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday we spent all day at Sea World (except Matt of course) where I lost track of Rowan and had to have security help me find him while Brad and Angie were riding some roller coasters.  After Harper, Carlee, Dani and I searched for him for a while, we knelt and prayed that we would be able to find him.  Then we prayed again to thank Heavenly Father that he heard and answered our prayer.  Other than that, Sea World was a blast! 

(The next four pictures are from Angie)


            (Dani ask me to put her in bed so we made her one on the beach)
(The next seven pictures are from Angie)


                     (At the hotel)
 This is where we stayed: Pearl South Padre 
That took forever to post!  This month has only just begun.  Matt's sister and her husband and four kids are coming this Thursday thru Sunday, there is a baby shower for me on Saturday, Matt's brother and his wife and 5 kids coming next weekend, Carlee's 4rth birthday is the 25th with Easter shortly after that!  April will just be waiting and preparing for child three to arrive, although I have to plan and carry out an overnight camp out for the young women of our church (and supposedly camp out with them 12 days before I am due).  So, there you have it.  Life is surely not dull.