Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graduation from NYU College of Dentistry

Matt is officially a dentist!!!! We were so blessed to be able to secure a house in Colorado Springs on base. It is a three bedroom home that is only a year and a half old. It has a garage, a yard, and everything else...happiness:) We hung out for a little while in a Military hotel that was bigger than our apartments of the past 4 years in NY/NJ and it had a washer and dryer!!! What we saw of Colorado Springs we loved. The weather was fabuloso...more happiness:) We purchased a Toyota Sienna all wheel drive...even more happiness:) We are visiting family for a little bit and then we get to move in. Matt thought he was done with school, tests, graduations, etc. but as it turns out he is not, dun dun dunnnnn. He has to go to officer training for a month and has to get whipped into shape, study, take tests and even graduate from it! It is incredible what Matt has done to become a dentist and what he is about to do to so that it can be paid for. Thanks for bringing us along on the adventure Matt and for working so hard! We love and admire you!!!

Graduation gift to Matt (and me too)...more debt.

Here are some pictures taken before we left Hoboken:

Carlee got really into "playing monsters" which involved taking turns chasing each other around the apartment growling while the other screamed (or in Dani's case, giggled). The masks were a fun addition but didn't last long. Fun memories we will cherish from Madison Street...

including playing at the splash park and our incredible neighbors the Lincolns.

We will miss Hoboken and all of our friends!!! These are pics from a little street fair:

Five Guys, good times.

So, the last thing on our bucket list before we left the New York area was to go see Intrepid, a World War II air craft carrier. We got to go down in a submarine as well. It was cool.

We have a picture of the house and pictures of our trip to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs to come as soon as Matt gets them ready so I can post them so stay tuned!

P.s. Dani cut her first tooth!

Bye bye!