Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hairs Cut Part IV

Funny (or not so funny) story: the girls have been swimming in a little blow up pool at their Grandma and Papa's house. Well, as any of you with kids know, swim diapers are not easy to remove...especially filled with poo. So, rather than risking dragging poop down Dani's legs as I pulled off the swim diaper, I decided to just grab my mom's sewing scissors in the next room and cut the diaper off. It was successful. Do any of you know where this story is going yet? The story sort of changes gears here. I lay the scissors down on top of a tall dresser in our room and we all went back to what we were doing. Later, I was trying to get something done on the computer. In order to do that, or anything else for that matter, I have to ignore Carlee for a minute. Now I bet you all know where this story is going. Yep, Carlee some how got the scissors, got in Dani's crib where she was sleeping and cut her hair. Yep. A nice chunk from the right side of her head just above the ear. She had a little scrape on her for head but nothing else was cut, not even carlee's hair. Carlee came down to the kitchen where me and her grandma were talking and said something about her sissy. When I went up Dani was all smiles until I saw the shinny silver scissors next to her head, then the hair on the sheets, and the bald spot on her head and screamed. I scared Dani so bad she began to scream too. Poor Carlee, who knows what she was thinking, probably that she was doing her sister a favor. It is my fault in two ways, first because I was lazy and didn't put the scissors away and second because I wasn't being watchful. It could have been so much worse than it was so I am not upset, just grateful and I can't help but chuckle when I look at Dani's hair. It's just hair, it will grow. Oh, and I am glad it wasn't me with the scissors this time!!!

Where it all began:
The scissors went from here...
To there...
The results as follows: The chunk.
The bald spot.

Ah, well, she doesn't seem to mind so why should we?

On a different note, my nephew Quinn and I decided Danilyn needs a couple of specialized onesies: one that says: "I love food...but food doesn't love me." And another one that says "My Grandpa said I need to go on a diet, what do you think?" (It would also be funny if it said boyfriend instead of Grandpa but in Danily's case it would be a true story if it said Grandpa.)

Enjoying summer

Cookin' with Mama

Stories with Grandpa

Enjoying Uncle Jordi's hammock

Missing Matt

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Officer Training School

Half way done with OTS and I can't wait to get out of hear! Not that it is bad... I just can't wait to hold my girls in my arms again! I miss you and think about you when I can.

By Chance Brandon is here at the same time. I owe a lot to Brandon. Without him I might not have gotten into dental school. It is cool to be doing this together.
They are keeping me busy. I now am a marching machine and can sleep through class while keeping my head up. I have also gotten somewhat functional with only four and a half hours of sleep a night.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This past month it seems like we have been blown like a dandelion in the wind. We've been this way and that, here and there and back again visiting ALL of our family and having tons of fun with everyone. Matt, as a newly commissioned Captain in the Air Force, left today for Montgomery, Alabama where he will stay for five weeks. When he comes home he will have been whipped into shape and know how to function as an officer in the United States Military. Carlee, Dani and I are grateful to be hanging out in Utah with my parents and my brother who just returned home from a mission to the Philippines while Matt is gone. Our final destination in Colorado Springs won't be reached until the end of this month for me and the kiddos and the first of August for Matt. Here are some lovely pictures of my lovely family- if I do say so myself. Matt is the photographer...of course. (Gosh, my husband is a dentist, a Captain, and a photographer...Man, I sure did hit the jack pot:)