Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Little About Me

My sister Angie sent me a big box full of "in between cloths" (not quite maternity but not your regular size anymore cloths) and neutral colored baby cloths. It is the first baby stuff we have so it was so much fun to look at all the cloths and remember Harper wearing some of them too! Thank you Angie!!!

well, I really don't like these pictures of me but none the less this is how I look at 5 months (21 weeks) pregnant. (It is not so much my belly but my hair that I dislike). My bump is pretty small still; I have gained 5 lbs in 5 months. I feel the baby move all of the time now and it is very cool. Matt can feel it sometimes too when he places his hand on my belly at the right time. Some days I don't feel the baby move and I get really worried until I feel it move again. One disadvantage to not knowing the sex it that I find myself referring to our little growing baby as "it"...poor kid.

This is a side view of my belly and also the beautiful rocking chair Matt got me for Christmas from Craigslist. He couldn't wait for me to open it until the 23rd before we leave for Utah so I opened it last week. Thank you Matt! He trekked it home on his back from Brooklyn to Jersey City (well, part of the time he was on the subway but still...)He really went out of his way to get it for me and I am grateful!

Our Christmas decorations. We didn't do a tree because we are going to be in Utah with my family from the 23rd to the 3rd and we don't want to store a tree in our small apartment for a year. I love Christmas so much. Everything points to Christ. For me the lights represent the new star at his birth and that Jesus is the light and life of the world; the evergreen and the color green represent life and even life eternal that Jesus made possible; the red represents His Atonement and sacrifice for us all; and of course the candy cane represents the Shepard's staff; even Santa Clause represents Christ because we are to become as little children and be believing as children believe in this figure whom they have not ever seen and who brings them gifts as the Savior provided the greatest gift of all. We give gifts to celebrate His birth because that is what Jesus Christ did, what His life was and what He wants us to do: give and serve others. "We make a living by what we get, but we build a life by what we give." I hope you all have a Merry Christmas this year and that we can all remember to make room for Jesus in our own personal "Inn" and no turn Him away because our lives are already too full.

Oh, and Matt says Ba'Humbug. Just kidding, Merry Christmas :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Everyone home for Thanksgiving

Since my old man was turning 60 everyone in the family came home for thanksgiving to celebrate him getting old. It was nice to get out of the city and see some Douglas Furs (tall tress that grow like weeds in Oregon). I hadn't seen my sister Angela since I was married and it was fun to see and play with all of my nephews and nieces. I even pulled out the old legos and had fun with them!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I Got tagged by Cyrie Fry, my sister. I am suppose to write 7 random things about myself and then tag someone else. Matt, you are suppose to do this as well!

1. I slipped today going down the stairs into the Path station and fell hard (it was slippery from the rain)! It took me a minute before I could walk. Now my right butt cheek and arm are bruised

2. I love making other people laugh but am not as good at it as I would like to be

3. I have a desire to travel around the world

4. I can't wait to be a mom though

5. I would enjoy being a writer or photographer

6. I often don't screw the lids tightly, or at all, on things and it drives Matt crazy

7. My favorite places are Calf Creek Falls in the Zion National Park and this Quaking Aspen forest in Scofield, Utah near my families cabin when the leafs are all yellow.

I tag Kara Pincock (now you do the same thing)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Time of Year

I love the splendor of Autumn and the cool weather (this is Julee speaking). Click on the picture of me so you can get a good look (and a good laugh) at the expression on my face.

On November 1st Matt and I went with our friends Sean and Shannon and their precious baby Ashlynn to Sleepy Hollow, New York where the Legend of Sleepy Hallow and the Headless Horseman happened. It was the most beautiful fall day ever! Thanks guys!

For Halloween we went to a couple of Mormon get-togethers as a bumble bee and Napoleon Dynamite. Talk about a strange looking couple. I think Matt has the Napoleon stupor down pretty good.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Mom and Sister Cyrie Came to the Big Apple!

Check out the big "JUICY" in the background. I always wonder how many stranger's photos you end up in when you are hanging around Time Square...hopefully none looking like that!

My mom got to see the Naked Cowboy...raaar. She saw him on the news in Utah just before she came. Why does he get so much attention?

The Broadway Mary Poppins was wonderful. We all enjoyed it very much!

The inside of the Trinity church was amazing.


No comment

We had a good time but I am sure my mom was glad when the time came to leave the Big Apple!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well technically only Julee is. What a Blessing! We are both so excited. The due date it April 14th. The blob int he picture is our little alien.

Sometimes she is worth listening to

For over two years now Julee and been telling me about this funny movie called "Pure Luck". She would start to tell me about something that happened in the movie and then start laughing while I thought to myself "that doesn't sound very funny". So I have put off watching the movie up until last night. It just so happened that we actually had time to sit down and do nothing but had nothing to watch. We started to look through the movies on netflix that we could watch instantly through the internet and were loosing hope in finding something good. Finally Julee suggested we see if Pure Luck was available and it was. I Laughed through almost the entire movie. I loved it. So if you haven't seen it, or haven't seen it recently I suggest you check it out. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is it stress or am I getting old?

So there is a mirror hanging on my closet door and on the opposite side of the room is Julee's jewelery box that also has a mirror on it. As I was getting something out of the closet I noticed something on the back of my head as I looked through the combination of the two mirrors. I went in for a better and look and This is what I saw...

So I guess it is safe to say that I am loosing my hair, here is my reaction...

Luckily I have been growing my hair out and think that I will be able to do a pretty good comb-over. Ironically my hair is longer than I can ever remember it being and at the same time I have less then I ever had. I guess it might be time to cut it short again to keep me from actually doing the comb-over in the future as the disease progresses.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Coast to Coast

It has been two weeks now since I have been home from Oregon and thought it was finally time to blog about it. Julee and I both went to visit family in Oregon. Julee stayed for the first week and then went back to work while I stayed for the whole two weeks of the vacation. I know what you are thinking... "what a jerk for staying on vacation while your wife had to go back to work." Well, She has done it to me several times and so I didn't feel any guilt. In-fact while she was gone I was I able to get some serious playing in with my Dad and Brother that I haven't been able to do for a long time.

The first week my parents Julee and I floated the Yumkua river in western Oregon. Never herd of it? Neither had I. It is a coastal river and so does not get much water from snow making the water really worm (for Oregon). It was a fun trip, tons and tons of bass, some fun canoeing, and beautiful scenery.

Before Julee left we also made a quick trip to the coast and had some long romantic rainy walks on the beach. We also played around on some cool rocks.

The second week Ben my Dad and I climbed Mt. Jefferson. At 10,500 ft. it was a really fun mountain with an exiting summit. I have never climbed it before and had a lot of fun. Words can not give credit to how incredible it is to climb a mountain, and pictures can never capture all the eye can see but these will have to do:

After climbing my Dad and I were sore enough that we decided to go fishing instead of climbing something else. Steel head fishing is fun, and really fun in you catch something. My Dad hooked one and then let me reel it in. I am not afraid of fish (as it appears in the picture, the fish was wiggling and I didn't want to loose it).

It was fun to hang out with family and enjoy an Oregon summer.