Sunday, October 21, 2012

Big News!

                               We have big news!  DANILYN IS POTTY TRAINED!
 (Oh, and I am pregnant too with number three, due May 2nd which puts me at 12 weeks.)

Here are some birthday pics from Dani's little party.  We also had fun at our church's chili cook off and trunk or treat party last night.  We didn't get photos of us dressed up though, big boo!  Matt wore a Lorax t-shirt and Dani, Carlee and I wore these fuzzy florecent wigs and called ourselves Truffula trees.  I got compliments on my creamy white chili and requests for the recipe but didn't win an award, not even for "most unique chili" c'mon judges!  It was good.  But really guys, nothing is good to me right now.  I so much hate this feeling of having to eat when it is the last thing on earth I want to do.  Ug.  I am so not a fan of being pregnant...but I am a fan of the results nine lonnnnng months later.  I am feeling so ugly.  My skin is so white, especially on my legs and I always have some  ugly bruise on my thighs from running into the corner of the stupid bed.  I have not been exercising in the least because I just simply feel  like shit crap all the time.  I think exercising would help if I could just DO IT some how.  I want to grow my hair really long but EVERY TIME  I get to the stage it is at now I just absolutely DESPISE it!!!  It is so thick  and impossible.  It looks SO BAD if I don't actually blow dry it and flat iron it, but that takes me FOREVER (and even then it does not look good).  I just hate it.  Washing it sucks, doing it sucks, looking at it sucks.  It is at the stage where I can't quite tuck my bangs behind my ears so I have to pull them back (usually a twist) and I shouldn't put it in a pony tail because it just looks ridiculous because it isn't long enough but I do it anyway.  What else am I suppose to do?  It isn't curly enough to put gel in and scrunch.  I have some cute hats but who want to wear a hat all day just to keep your hair out of your face if you are just at home with your kids, ya know?  Oh, blah.  I have back acne (backnie as they called it on "What to Expect When you are Expecting" although I do not know how they spell it?)  The zits from my back creep onto my face too (sorry if TMI).  By stomach is getting just enough growth that most of my pants won't button and my fitted shirts look bad on me.  It is like that in between stage that really bites.  Anywho, I'll stop ranting.  I am glad Dani has finally gotten the whole potty thing!  This was the 2nd real attempt and it has taken her about a week, three days of lots of pee pee accidents, but now she's got it...let's hope she keeps it!!!

 I am holding a picture of me when I was two.  Dani  looks a lot like me at that age, so fun!

   There are a lot more pictures but Matt hasn't developed them yet.  We also have some cute videos but they just won't upload.  Carlee was good about letting Dani do her thing  and have her special day but now she gets much more play time with the princess barbies than Dani does for sure.  Dani got these little mini Strawberry Short Cake dolls and all her fruity friends as her reward when she went on the potty and stayed dry and clean.  She was excited to get them but I tell you what, Carlee was even more excited for her and now has played with those little tiny plastic figures every day all day since Dani earned them.  Now when it is time to take Dani potty and she just doesn't want to, we just use gum balls to entice her.  Whatever works!  Holy cow, I haven't changed a poopy diaper for a whole week!  I only have 6 more months to enjoy that eh!      

Friday, October 12, 2012

Danilyn is 2!

Danilyn is so cute, obviously. She can say a lot at two years old and she can have some serious attitude too, sometimes it scares me! She also melts my heart and brings our family so much joy! I loved looking back at old pictures of her for this post. One of my favorite things she does right now is say "I can do this" over and over when she is trying to do something challenging. I told Carlee to say that when something was hard instead of crying and saying just the opposite. Dani just picked up on it. She is doing so many cute things right now. For a little while she was attached to a doll we have named Starbright until one morning she woke up and was crying for the Woody doll. She then played with him and carried him all over for several weeks. Who will it be next? She is really into playing with dolls and stuffed animals right now. She is good at playing pretend thanks to Carlee.  She loves to chew gum, oh man. She is good at saying please, thank you and sorry. When she says "I love you" it is just so sweet. She can pray and tell stories. She has this story that Matt told the girls one Monday night that she likes to retell (in a much shortened version) every night at bed time. It is basically about this child that got separated from her mother in an elevator. She prayed and as a result knew what button to push to get back to her mother. The way Dani tells it is very cute, short and sweet. Just like Dani. We are so blessed to have had her with us for these past 2 years.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

We Love October!

So far this month we have taken some fun pictures:
Here are the girls enjoying Daddy's Sunday morning monster (German Pancake) and peanut chocolate slush.
Here are the girls doing something they absolutely LOVE, wearing my cloths and shoes and being Mama!

I tried doing the girl's hair in a twist around their heads one Sunday morning and they both fell out after about 5 minutes. 

We went to a Fall Festival that the Village of Westcreek (our community) put together.  It was actually pleasant outside and there were not too many mosquitoes out either!  We had messy Cheetos and hot dogs,
Rode ponies,
Enjoyed a little petting zoo,

Met Buzz Light Year

And Elmo,

And got our faces painted!  Fun night!
Today it was actually chilly outside all day.  We were shocked.  I loved it!  We turned our garage door into a monster for Halloween.  Our garage door has these two hideous windows that made perfect monster eyes.  We just used green duck tape for the mouth. 
We replaced the regular light bulb inside the garage for a red one and then put black lights in the side lights and wrapped green spider webs around them and the bushes.  Every time we go in the garage we pretend like we are being eaten by our monster house! 
I am making ghosts out of milk cartons that I have yet to stick lights in so they glow and add more as we drink our milk:)  I got the idea here:
I also made this monster wreath out of tulle.  I got the idea here:  I bought some sparkly green tulle but not nearly enough so I ended up buying some orange.  The sparkly tulle made the biggest mess ever.  We had sparkles all over the house by the time I was done making this.  The teeth are sparkly and also the purple ribbon. 

We are ready for Halloween.  Calree is going to be Violet from Incredibles and Dani is going to be Tinkerbell but for the party that our ward is having Matt is going to be the Lorax and the girls and I are going to be Truffula Trees ( we found these wigs at Target that gave me the idea).  We invited some neighbors over tomorrow to enjoy some Autumn treats.  I am going to make pumpkin butterscotch cake and slice up apples to dip in a home made caramel sauce (because caramel apples are so hard to eat).  I am also looking forward to going to Howl-O-Scream at Sea World and at least one pumpkin patch.  I am also excited for Dani's birthday on Friday!!!  I will be doing a birthday post later this week.  We are celebrating with just us this year, it is going to be great!  Hope you all have a great October week and enjoy the fall colors for me because there are none here.