Tuesday, June 24, 2014


These things happened last month but are still worth posting!  Carlee lost her first tooth!  It was pretty exciting for her...and Danilyn.  Matt tied dental floss to her loose tooth, then attached it to the scooter and off Dani rode...and out came the tooth!  I will post the video on Facebook.  The Tooth Fairy gave her a whole dollar and she used the money to buy a cinnamon roll breakfast at school!  
She went to school and bragged to all of her friends about her tooth and shortly after she finished Pre-K with Mrs. Mooney and Ms. Owens.  She misses them and her classmates.  She learned a lot and really enjoyed her first year of school. 

Peter started walking!  He wouldn't go from sitting to standing by himself for a few days after he started walking, but then all of the sudden he figured that out too.  Crawling is no more!  I will post a video on Facebook as well.
He got sick and was coughing and then started wheezing and not being able to breath well at all.  It was scary.  I took him to an emergency care and he had to get breathing treatments with a neutralizer, "Sammy the Seal."  He recovered quickly.  What a blessing it is to have children that are healthy! 
He loves these florescent striped socks.
In other news: Peter threw my phone in the toilet so I finally got an iphone!  It is awesome, I love it.  Thanks Pete! Angela and Kevin and their five cuties came to visit us last week and we had fun at the neighborhood pool, Enchanted Rock, Big Lou's Pizza and Sea World.  We are finally in the final week of Matt's residency!!!  We can't wait.  He graduates on Thursday.  What a journey this has been.  He has worked so hard and learned so much.  We finally decided to have the Military pack us and move us instead of trying to do it ourselves again, what a load off.  We will be in Clovis, NM by the 3rd closing on our house, how exciting!  We have fun plans after that to see all of our family and do fun things before we get settled in our new lives.  I think the next few years are going to be a bit easier than the past two years in San Antonio.  I'm ready.  Happy summer plans to everyone!