Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013

 May I just say, I can't believe how hard it is to get things done with two little munchkins constantly at my heels and a new baby in my arms.  So, needless to say, packing for myself and three kids took way longer than it should have.  Matt worked all day the day before the trip so we were both up until 2 a.m. packing and then got up to haul ourselves and all of our gear to airport at four in the morning.  Carlee threw up into Matt's hands during our layover and then ran a pretty high fever for the first few days or our vacation.  She laid on the bed worried about getting her cousins sick and told me all the things she was grateful for, despite her condition at the time. 
Our first stop after landing in Salt Lake City, Utah and renting a car was lunch with Aunty Cyrie and then on to my brother Jordi and his wife Jaylene's apartment.  After a nice visit with them, we all squished in their front room that night, totally exhausted.  It was so awesome to be surrounded by mountains again. 
 The next day was on to Rexburg, Idaho where we stopped at Broulim's grocery store and got our picture taken where Matt and I accidentally met up after two years of distance, beginning with a hug and ending with my number in his pocket for the second time.  Since then we have more than doubled our number.  Despite what he thinks, I am very glad he got my number that day.  

 We met up with Matt's parents and all five of his brothers and sisters and their families at this cabin in Island Park for the Nielsen Family Reunion.  Our first adventure together was a day at Yellowstone National Park.   

 We also spent some time at the lake, boating, swimming...
 and getting dirty.

 It was so nice to have the girls having a blast with cousins and Peter being loved and cuddled by someone other than myself so I too could do some things I enjoy like reading a good book, kayaking, running... 
Matt liked shooting with his brothers and sisters best of all.
 After the reunion we blessed Peter in my Aunt Leslie and Uncle Lane's ward because there son was leaving on a mission so this way both of Peter's great grandpas, one of his grandpas and two of his great uncles, Uncle Lane and Uncle David could join in blessing him.  My mom was there of course and my sister Cyrie too.  He was blessed with courage a strength to choose right.  He is going to need that in this world.
We got to stay with my Grandpa Pincock for several nights in Rigby.  He is incredible.  While we were there we got to visit my Grandpa Jemmett in Mud Lake who is also incredible.  
We got to go rock climbing at Paramount with our buddy Steve.  We use to rock climb all the time here when we were dating and newly married.  We also ate at Da Pineapple Grill with Natalie and Jared.  It is sort of becoming a tradition.
We spent a day in the Grand Teton National Park.  Man, those mountains are wicked cool.  On our way we spotted several of these bright yellow fields (who could miss them) and just  had to stop and take some pictures.  

We took the fairy across Jenny's Lake, which is a beautifully clear glacial lake.
 We did a little hike up to a waterfall.  It was a good way to enjoy the mountains with three young kids.  On the hike we played pretend Pocahontas with the girls, pretending like we were all different characters from the movie and that worked surprisingly well to get them to complete the hike and have a good time doing it!

When we came down from the  hike, some really adventuresome folks were taking a dip in the cold water.  I really wanted to put my feet in it.  Dipping our feet turned in to full on swimming in it, the girls leading the way.  They got in that cold water up to their necks.  Then Matt and I dared each other to jump in.  So we did.  Matt went first while I held Peter and then we switched.  I just about didn't do it because it was so cold but once I finally did, I was so glad, cloths and all!  It felt so refreshing I didn't want to get out, and it was so beautiful.  It was good for my soul.   
Fun day! 
(Why would you choose to live in Texas when  you could live near gorgeous mountains with a nice climate and four seasons? I'm just sayin')

We then traveled to Price with a stop along the way to see my best friend growing up, Alyssa.  She just had a baby too who is adorable!

 While in Price we went to the dinosaur museum...

played on a slip and slide (which Matt and I enjoyed more that the kids) and went to Scofield to the lovely cabin in the trees where I have so many good memories.  Love you Mom and Dad.
Then we went to Aunt Cyrie and Uncle Owen's house for the weekend where we had tons of fun and ate lots of yummy food.  We went to the pool first.

 We went to the Tracy Aviary.  It rained and the snails came out like crazy so the girls along with the neighbor boys Mica and Noble bedazzled their shells.  Owen set off some fire works and the girls had  a lot of fun with those boys.  Cyrie and I biked to some shops, looked at some merchandise, then went for a hike in the mountains and ate a yummy late dinner at the Porcupine Grill.   Matt got to visit his best buddy from BYU-I, Dart as well as his grandparents.

Sunday after church and we had a picnic with the neighbors, then we painted our nails and played a game while all the kids slept.  After that things got a bit crazy.  We pulled out Cyrie's wig collection along with her mustache collection and some costumes and sort of dressed up and had a dance party.  We even went to the neighbors to freak them out a little.  They have got some cool neighbors.
 You like my sweaty pits?  It was hot OK.

 It is kinda funny the way it turned out, because Carlee usually is an angel and Dani really can be a little devil (I shouldn't say that, it is mostly my fault when her devil comes out because she hasn't slept or eaten enough and we are trying to do too much or make her eat something she doesn't like).  And as a mom, you really kinda do need some super hero powers some times.  Wouldn't that be nice!  I can't believe how hard good parenting is.  Cyrie just looked like the bad ass she really is.  Oh, and Matt's costume...a little freaky.  He said to the neighbors: "Do you have any cookies?  I like cookies."  Don't worry, even after we invaded the neighbors like this, they are still friends with Cyrie and Owen.     
 The girls love their Aunty Cyrie.  Love you Cyr. 
It was a great vacation, and two weeks was long enough that we were ready to come home (even though that means back to Texas).  It is crazy how much stuff we took, man alive.  Oh how I love my family and I love the mountains.   
 There, memories shared and preserved.