Thursday, July 25, 2013

It is not easy being the photographer in this family.  All I wanted was a picture in an endless field of yellow flowers, contrasted with the blue sky, and our family smiling...
Peter:  "Wa! Wa! Wa!..."
Danilyn:  "I hate these poky flowers. Daddy come and pick me up..."
Carlee:  "There is a bee!  It is going to get me!..."
Julee: "This is not a good time.  The girls are tired and I need to feed Peter first..."
Matt:  "Carlee!  Dani!  Get over here right now and smile or I am going to count to THREE!..."
As you can see it always works out in the end...

PS:  If you were wondering if I only have one shirt, I have more, but this one is my newest (it is less than two years old), and is blue,  so I tend to wear it a lot.