Friday, April 27, 2012

Stickers and Spring

 The girls got a load of stickers from Chucky Cheeses and felt like showing them off
 They were taking so long to eat it was either time to get mad or have fun
Dani loves to read books out loud or at least try to

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Carlee Turned Three!

For her party we celebrated Jessie's long awaited reunion with Woody

At last!

The kids took turns throwing water balloons at Matt. Most of the balloons barely made it to his feet and popped on the dry grass. He probably figured that before he volunteered. We thought about having the kids throw the water balloons at each other but then saw a scene of crying and tattle telling flash before our eyes and came up with plan B.
We had a ginormous Woody pinata that the kids could not break open blind folded or other wise...

It didn't help that Matt had it jimmy rigged so he could pull it up out of their reach when ever he wanted to!

Matt made this awesome pin-the-tail-on-Bullseye. He put a lot of time into it and it turned out really cool.

Our house was full of family and friends to help us celebrate. Thank you for coming everyone and for the love and gifts you brought!

Things like this would be a lot more fun if Matt and I could plan and carry them out without fighting. Sad but true. Blogs have a tendency to make people's lives seem like they are perfect; well, I am here to tell you people, it is not true! We all have problems. But man I tell you what, we have no problem realizing what a tremendous blessing Carlee is in our lives. We love and cherish her and are grateful for all the people in our lives that also love and care for her. She is so full of love, that girl. She is the sweetest "just turned three" year old girl you will ever meet, and that is the truth!

After the party, my brother Cory and his wife Kara and their three boys Quinn 13, Dylan 11, and Trevor 6 (the ones who just moved to Denver) stayed the weekend and we went out to dinner and the waitresses sang to her. She liked it. Kara and her boys stayed for spring break that week and we had tons of fun going to the zoo, Garden of the Gods, the airplane museum and having a campfire cook out in our back yard. They spoiled our girls and showered them with love. They felt it, enjoyed every minute of it and love them back so much, as do Matt and I. Thanks for everything you guys!!!

At week's end we all headed to Denver (about an hour past actually) and got them all moved into their new home just 2 1/2 hours from ours.

Oh, and:

We hope you all have one!