Sunday, April 27, 2008

Table Tennis

Now that I am the assistant scout master for the 11 year old scouts I should be getting a key for out church. In anticipation for that I ordered a $17 set of ping ping paddles. Out church has two table-tennis tables on the fifth floor. The set came with four paddles, 8 balls, and net. I got all excited when it arrived and started day dreaming out future all out battles with Julee. Up to this point Julee has beat every time we have played with the exception of when she let me win so that I would keep playing with her. After we opened it all up I started thinking to my-self, "why would they include a net in the set? What a waste." Julee on the other hand had a bright idea and suggested we hook it up onto our table and play in the apartment. It makes for a small table but twice the fun because we can play in our own house! We play two games and Julee won both, 21-8 and 21-11. The last game was interrupted by the people below us pounding on the ceiling. I was loosing that one to and so I suggested we better stop.

With a little practice I know I will be able to beat her... I just have to find a way of practicing without Julee practicing.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


School was humane enough to actually give a spring break. School got out on Friday, May 28 and a few hour later Julee and I were on a Flight heading to SLC. We spent the vacation visiting almost everyone we were related to and and then some. We hit up Salt Lake, Price, Moab, Ogden, Provo, Rexburg, Victor, and even Mud Lake. The highlights included:

Hiking the pass with Steve (the magical Jewboy). (The previouse pictures that did not show up were viddeos of some sweet turns in steep powder. I can't get any videos to work, must be a Vista thing.)

Hiking up the Mt. Olympus trail for a little while with my Mom, Dad, and Molly

Visiting Arches National Park with Julee's Mom, nine month pregnant sister Angie, nephew Harper, and 80 year old Grandpa

Snow boarding at Park City with Julee's brother Jordi and friend Bo. Thanks Bo for the fee lift tickets!

It was awesome to get to see everyone. Julee and I both really miss being around family. It was also nice to escape from the city and be able to get into some wide open spaces.