Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Bump

Aren't you done baking YET littel man?  This oven needs to be turned off, seriously. 


Matt got this swing and set it up on the patio frame he built.  The girls love it.  He also bought some beautiful hanging flower pots and vegetables and planted them.  We have been eating a strawberry here and there from the strawberry plant.  Hopefully we can keep everything alive through the heat of summer!  The girls go out in the back yard and play in the little pool and swing, it is great.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April we wait.  I hope not for too much longer.  I am not a very nice, patient, happy pregnant mommy.  I don't deal well with the growing tummy and all that comes along with it.  I am ready to meet this little guy and hold him in my arms.  The girls are ready too, ready to have a nicer mama.  Until today, we thought there was a chance that I had gestational diabetes.  I had two one hour glucose tests that came back too high, so this morning I had to do a three hour test.  I am so glad that all is well.  I have been trying to limit my sugars and carbs for the past week.  Tonight I am celebrating with a giant milk shake!!!  

Easter 2013

We had an Easter egg hunt in the back yard and went to church in new dresses.  I was amazed that I was able to do this to Dani's hair, it looked cute for about one hour until she slept on it at church. 

Happy Birthday Carlee

Carlee turned four!
It was a fun filled day with her cousins at Sea World.  Matt's brother Ben and his wife Angel and their five kids were here with us to celebrate!  After a chilly day at Sea World, dinner at Rudy's and a getting a sun burn on her little face, she got to bashfully listen to everyone sing to her, blow out her four candles (the fourth of which would not go out) and then eat ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  She was so tired she didn't really even eat her slice.  But she enjoyed opening her gifts that she waited all day for.   
She got an apron that matches her mama's.
Her Grandma Pincock spoiled her with adorable hand made things to wear like this night gown.

Before her cousins or her birthday arrived, we took her to the mall and let her go into the Disney Store and look at everything there and then pick out what she wanted.  She went with Periwinkle, who is Tinkerbell's sister, in case you didn't know, from the movie "Secret of the Wings."  She also got Tink wings and shoes.  After the Disney Store, she got to get her nails done at a salon!  It was a fun pre-birthday outing and left her excited to actually receive what she got to pick out all herself. 
My mother made both of these adorable outfits for her.
Even though the night ended badly with a tantrum due to exhaustion, She woke up a very happy little four year old fairy!
We love you so much Carlee.  Words cannot express how good and sweet you are and how much we cherish you and the four years we have had with you.