Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

We went to Mustang Island on Friday to camp on the beach.  It was so much fun.  The weather was amazing.  The moon was so majestic and it was so fun to sit in the sand by the campfire and hear the sounds of the ocean, the crickets, the crackling fire...just awesome. 
(And I might add romantic after we got the kids into their sleeping bags, hehe.)  

Peter got up early so I took him out of the tent and we watched the sun rise. 

Can you see the colorful eggs out there?
When the girls got up and found their baskets in the tent, they came out and searched for their eggs in the sand.  Unfortunately some of the candy inside got a little wet and sandy too and at least one egg fell into a hole dug by a creature in the night.  Things to remember for future reference!  We got a cute video of the hunt. 

Then we spent the day playing in the sand, relaxing in the tent, and swimming and wake boarding in the ocean.

There was a butt load of sea weed on the shore!

Some of our friends, the Hansens, met up with us at the beach and that made it even more fun!

It was really pretty much perfect.  
We spent Easter Sunday at church and then eating a nice meal and talking and thinking about the Resurrection of Jesus.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Before Carlee's party we went camping at Garner State Park again but this time it was with Matt's parents and sister Angela and husband Kevin and their five kiddos.  It could not have been more fun for the kids to go camping with their cousins and grandparents.

This last minute idea to grab the swing from our back patio and set it up in a tree on our campsite was a well liked one!

And, no we didn't get much sleep camping with an almost 1 yr. old.

It was indeed chilly

I so love this picture of my boys.

We sure love this family!!!

On the last morning after breakfast right before we were about to take down camp, Carlee tripped and fell in the fire pit with the ashes and coals still hot from the night before.  That part was not fun. 

Granny and Grandpa came home with us and stayed for a week!  During that time, I got to go to Charlotte, NC with Matt for two nights.  While he was busy presenting his research at a dental conference, I was busy sleeping in, reading  my book in bed, doing my nails, watching television, exercising, going to museums....while Matt's amazing parents were busy at our house changing diapers, feeding little mouths, cleaning little hands, and warming little hearts.       
 Carlee got spoiled for her birthday with pink roller skates complete with elbow and knee pads, after sincerely thanking her grandparents for the outfit they gave her and then proceeding to tell them what she really wanted for her birthday. 

It was sad to say goodbye, always is.

After all this fun and excitement, on Carlee's actual birthday she got her first bike, complete with training wheels, that her daddy has had hidden in the garage for months.  Now we are working on getting her to like riding it.  

Also in March we were looking very forward to finding out where we will be moving to in like two months, but it came and went with NO assignment.  I am REALLY not liking this waiting game, or the fact that we  have no say in it or control over it.  We could be moving to freakin' Japan for crying out loud and we don't even know yet! Grrrrr.  I am obviously peeved, but also excited and nervous at the same time to find out.  We are going to have so much to do the next few months, hold on tight!

But first, camping at Mustang Island for Easter, yeah!

Oh, and shortly after Peter's 1st birthday! 
And then possibly two small surgeries: one for Peter's clogged tear duck and tubes for Dani's ear that isn't draining fluid, sigh.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Carlee's 5th Birthday Party

Carlee had a tutu tea party on March 22nd to celebrate her birthday.
She made all her own invitations (mommy only helped with the information part).
It was very exciting and all her friends came in their finest tutus and made it a real ballerina bash!

We played musical tutus

 Carlee is blessed with lots of wonderful friends because she is wonderful herself!  She is so sweet, fun, creative, smart and genuinely cares about and tries to make those around her happy.
We all love her and are so thankful she is part of our lives.  
And as for Peter, well, he tried to eat the decorations, but of course that was no surprise.