Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh, Just More Photos of Carlee Being Cute

Looking for toys under the couch

Weekend Adventures

One Saturday June we drove to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area a couple of hours away. It was a totally spontaneous trip, the best kind. It is a beautiful place and always so good to leave the city and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. We did a little hike with a little swim at the end...

always the perfect way to end a hike on a hot summer day before you turn around to hike out!

This past Friday (Matt occasionally doesn't have school on Friday) we went to do another spontaneous hike at Bear Mountain about an hour away in New York. When we got there it was raining pretty good so we decided to drive ten more minutes to the Military Academy at West Point. We have been before but it is a very cool place to be, very rich with history. This time we did a bus tour and learned a lot.

On our way there we stopped and took some photos at a look out point. It was not a very good day for picture taking unfortunately.

This is the Hudson at West Point. It is a beautiful spot and an area that once had to be protected from enemies.

This is part of a huge chain that was spread across the river to stop the British ships.

This is the Mess Hall where all the soldiers eat three meals a day.

This is a Civil War Memorial.

These last two pictures are of the Cathedral where the soldiers mostly go for church services and apparently weddings. It has the largest pipe organ of any church building anywhere in the world and we got to hear it being practiced!

The bus tour was difficult with Carlee; I am sure our fellow passengers were counting themselves unlucky to have gotten on the same tour as us. We also visited the museum that showcases lots of weapons. There are soldiers all about the area in training. It is a pretty incredible place to witness and to contemplate our countries history and the price for our freedom.

Friday, July 16, 2010


We had family come and visit us! First was Matt's sister Angela and her husband Kevin and their three adorable children:



and Parker

We had a couple of days to play. There were scooter rides all around from Uncle Matt/Daddy:

Kate's turn

Emily's turn

Carlee's turn

Thank you so much for coming to spend time with us!

My parents came from Price and spent eight days with us right after Angela, Kevin and kids said goodbye. It was my Dad's first time here so we did a lot of stuff in the brutal heat. We even went to Palmyra and watched the Pageant. It was so much fun to have you Mom and Dad! Thank you so much for coming! We miss you.

I'll be honest though, I don't care if I ever go into Manhatten again to see all the sights, so if anyone else comes to visit, you can count on seeing the Big Apple without me and Carlee;)