Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aunt Cyrie is the Best!!!

Aunt Cyrie came to our house for Thanksgiving weekend and we had a blast!  After our smoked turkey feast (while Matt cleaned up) we had a dance party and burned some calories.  We were dancing to the barbie song and Gagnam Style.  Cyrie is dressed up in a tutu made for a 3 year old, tickle monster gloves, and an apple beret that Carlee wore when she was, oh, 9 months old.  Oh ya baby!!!

(You know you wish you had been doing this with us instead of being in a turkey coma watching football or something;)  That night Cyrie and I went to see the last cheesy, sappy, Twilight movie.  Ahhh, they are fiiiiiiinally over.  We were running to get there in time and my foot caught the curb and I fell in like slow motion.  I desperately reached out for Cyrie but she was just out of reach, so I dropped and rolled.  Ya, it was embarrassing.   
Friday we put up some Christmas cheer in the house and then headed for SeaWorld.  We wanted to go see all the Christmas splendor there.  It was awesome. 
We got to see the Dolphin Christmas show with Beluga Whales, acrobats, and divers and we saw a little of the Shamu Christmas show and also Sesame Street characters dancing and singing on stage.  It is all very fun and exciting for young and old.   
We all rode the little kid rides that Carlee and Dani just love. 
Some little ones get freaked out on this big fish ride that spins around as it swings but not Dani, she had her hands up in the air and was laughing and squealing with delight, cracking Aunt Cyrie up all the while. 

We rode on the SeaWorld Express and saw some beautiful lights. 
(Yes, you have big guns Matt.)

Cyrie and Matt had a blast riding some of the big kid roller coasters while the girls and I hung out in Candy Cane Forest. 
After our big adventures at SeaWorld, Saturday Cyrie and I tried to go on a run with the girls in the stroller.  It was a bit rough.  First of all because trying to push them and run at the same time isn't very fun and second of all because running with me isn't very fun because I am not in very good shape.  Matt worked all day but he let us drop the girls off with him in the afternoon and just Cyrie and I got to go hang out on the town.  We went to the River Walk and ate Mexican food and shopped a little.  It got really crowded down there the later it got so we got out of there.  I really didn't want to go home at the girls bed time so as we thought about what we could do I remembered that last Thanksgiving when all my family came to our house in Colorado Springs, all the girls had talked about going roller skating but we never went so we decided to go right then!  We located and drove to a skate place and had a blast!  We even got to roller skate to Gagnam Style, hehehe.  Then we got milk shakes at Sonic and got home late.       
Sunday morning Dani knocked over the Christmas tree, oops.  It was definitely a first and I hope the last time that happens, but Cyrie predicted that it will not be the last. 
After church and tree clean up and dinner, we had some girly girl time painting our nails.  Then we attempted to get the kids to sleep so we could play Rummykub.  We were only half successful. 

Cyrie took tons of fun pictures of our good times which she will be posting on her blog soon, I'm sure.  Check out her blog here: 

We were so sad to say goodbye and are still sad that she is gone but so grateful she came!!!  Thanks for coming Cyrie.  You really are the best and coolest Aunt and Sister in the whole world.  And I must thank Matt so much for taking the girls so my sis and I could spend time together and for hanging out with us and doing dishes and everything else.  You are the best husband in the world Matt!