Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coming home from the Airport

Well I think it says a lot about a person when you look at the way they come home form the air port. What does the way we come home form the airport say about us? Matt is really, really cheap. This last trip has made me question my cheapness but luckily I am sure I will forget about it by the next time we go anywhere. All I have to say is that Julee was aware that I was cheap before we got married, I told her so.

We have now had two really miserable trips home from JFK airport. The first and the very worst was last year when we were living in Manhattan. we arrived into JFK late at night and instead of paying around $40 for a shuttle for the both of us I wanted to use public transportation and only spend $14. I did not think about the fact that trains do not run regularly late at night. We were using our back packing packs for our luggage and it took us near 4 hours to get home. To top it off we had brought stuff home with us from Idaho and our packs were very heavy. Julee (for good reason) complained the whole way home. The misery climaxed in a half mile walk when missed the bus by a few seconds.

This last trip back to NJ was not that bad but it was close, it only took 3 hours. Because Julee is pregnant I did not make here carry her own wait, so she had here carry on with wheels while I had on my backpacking pack and carried a pack and play we got for Christmas in one had and a suitcase in the other. I ended up not being able to carry it the whole way between trains and Julee carried the suitcase part of the way.

To Make it more fun the baggage claim people got the pack and play box wet and it was falling apart, the subway train was packed with homeless trying to get out of the cold (six of them in our train car alone (notice the guy sleeping next to me in the picture above) they smelt great!), and I hadn't gotten any sleep flying through the night.

On our way home from JFK to Jersey City we rode three different trains, walked a half mile, and took a one mile taxi ride (I broke down and rationalized paying the extra $5 for the cab).

For those of you who have a car, don't take it for granted!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things I Wanted to Blog Before Chritsmas...

I made "Dinner in a Pumpkin" with the two tiny pumpkins Matt and I never carved at Halloween. I was puting up Christmas decorations and thought the pumpkins were out of I cooked them up!
Having fun at work at Sweet Bliss making marshmallow and chocolates and wearing flattering hairnets...

These are called Kuplunks! They are chocolates filled with different flavored marshmallows and they are made to be dropped in your hot chocolate. Yummy.
Having Fun Making Honey Taffy at Home

I love making and eating taffy. It is a fun and beautiful process.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Festivities

Palm Springs, California

We had a 5 hour lay over here on the 23rd on our way to Utah. We walked several miles to a Pizza Hut and then ate our pizza out in a plaza with Palm trees and enjoyed the warmer weather. It was a long wait, longer than we planned...

Scofield, Utah

We finally made it to the "Pincock's Play House" (cabin) for Christmas Eve where Jordi (my younger brother), Mom, Dad, Matt and I enjoyed a Jerusalem like feast.

Christmas Day Snow

Christmas Gifts

We got a Pack and Play from my Mom and Dad for Christmas. Thank you!!! It is going to be the perfect set up for our apartment.

A View from the Cabin Windows

It is a very Christmasy place to enjoy the holidays. We really enjoyed the contrast from city life.

Playing the Wii

All the kids chipped in and got a Wii for my parents for Christmas. It kept us busy and having fun together at the cabin...especially Matt, the entire vacation:

Temple Square

Matt and I went to Temple Square where we met my older brother Cory and his three boys: Quinn, Dylan, and Trevor to drink hot coco and enjoy the beauty of that place together. I love them so much.