Monday, February 27, 2012


So today is my 29th birthday. I'm cool with being 29, I guess. I'm not cool with what Matt said to me a couple nights ago though. I was washing my face and Matt was laying in bed when, out of the blue he says, I think you should stop wearing makeup." I'm thinking, where is this going? So I ask, "Oh ya, why is that?" He replies that I have wrinkles and he doesn't and he thinks that the chemicals in my makeup are causing the wrinkles. Ya. Oh, and then he was shocked that I got mad at him. (As probably any male is who reads this I'm guessing.) So, apparently Matt is worried about me getting older and wrinkly and isn't afraid to say it in the worst way possible. Guess at 29 I'll go out and spend a ridiculous amount of money on age defying wrinkle disappearing creams, there is enough of them out there. (Molly, how much does the kit at your work cost again?)
Wrinkles. They are part of life. Besides, mine are from smiling:)