Friday, November 27, 2009

Our visit from Cyri and Owen

Cyri has visited us more than any other family member so far. I think it is because she likes my sarcastic remarks, then again it might be because of our location.

We went to one of my favorit resturants, Five guys, the girls started out wanting to go anywere but there but after twenty minues of them not being able to decide Owen backed me up and we had a great time... even the girls. I love it when I get my way.

This is a dark picture but it was a great view!

This is to show how much fun we had at Elis Island just to rub it in (Cyri did not go).

Thanks for visiting! We had a ton of fun!

Carlee has started Crawling!

She also loves the jumper her grandma sent her

I've got Craig's list skills!

Lately I have made some incredible purchases off Craig's list. I just thought I would share them with you...

These two book cases were $21 together.

The microwave was $15.

And the Crown jewel...

A powerShot A410. It was new with the box. The lady said the button stuck and she couldn't get it to take pictures. I replaces the double A batteries and haven't had a problem since. I thought about writhing an email to the lady thanking her for the new camera but decided against it because it would be kind of a slap to the face.

I payed $5 for it.