Friday, September 5, 2014

First Stop

After a horrifically terrific pack up and clean out with the amazing help of Matt's parents and some very appreciated help from members of the ward, (and some not so appreciated lack of help from the broke down air conditioning unit--talk about bad timing) we headed to the welcoming big skies and not so welcoming stinking cow poop of Clovis, New Mexico to see the house we were about to purchase.  It all worked out and the next stop was Arches, oh how I love you.

And oh how we love the  Reese family too!!!

Matt Graduated...Again!

 Matt and his co-residence and office mates all so relieved that the big day finally arrived!

 We are finally done with the residency, phew...
 It was exhausting, not just for Peter.
 It was a special occasion, despite our a.c. not working and the stress of a move upon us.
 Say Ah!

 The girls were stoked about the lipstick and fake nails they got to wear, but the flowers that they got from their Daddy was the icing on the cake. 
(Oh, and that is Baby Tooth on their shirts, from Rise of the Guardians.)

Way to go Matt and everyone else!
We will miss our neighbors and friends from San Antonio.

Stay tuned for more posts of our summer vacation and our life now in the great wide nothingness, oops I mean openness, of Clovis, NM.