Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well, now we are moving June 2012 instead of June 2013. I am sad about it. I am happy for Matt and I know it is a new adventure but we just got here! I like it here, plus my older brother, his wife and their four boys just moved to the Denver area. This is the first time since I left home for college that I have lived this close to family. Short lived indeed. Guess we better enjoy it while we have time. We will.

I love spring. My favorite thing about spring is the pink cherry blossoms in Central Park in NYC. We went there just about every spring to see them while we lived in that area. We have lots of pictures.

Since I can't see them this year, I put up our very own blossoming cherry tree in our house:

Happy Spring everyone!

P.s. Here is a cute photo of Carlee helping me make cookies on Sunday.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A program!

So, I love school so much I decided to apply for a two year residency called an AEGD-2 or A program. After procrastinating, then regretting procrastinating, which then caused me a lot of stress, then rushing to take the GRE (witch was not fun), I managed to get my application in with not a second to spare. I thought I might have to apply several times but I got lucky. So June 2013 we will be heading to either San Antonio Texas, Biloxi Mississippi, or even less likely Bethesda Maryland. It was nice of them to let me know I was in, but unfortunately the details will be forthcoming.

Once I have completed the residency I will have earned a masters degree in something and will have trained in all the dental specialties. Basically it will make me a much better dentist. We will see how it goes

(If you never have heard of Biloxi it is half way between New Orleans and Mobile)


A couple weeks ago I had an article I wrote published in a prestigious newspaper. Yep I am now a published author! The space observer, (Never heard of it? Maybe it isn't quite so prestigious) Thursday, February 23, 2012Vol. 56 No.8 features an article I wrote giving some tips on dental hygiene. It was important enough that they placed it on page five and it took up half the page! If you would like to read it check it out at:

It will probably blow your mind. My next piece will most likely find its way into the New York Times...