Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Job

I get to wear scrubs!

I got a new job. The chocolate shop wasn’t working out. So, I abruptly quit and spent 5 days searching full time for a new job. I focused my search ( on finding a job as a dental assistant and also applied to some bakeries and restaurants because my resume just doesn’t support my ambition to work the field of dentistry. (I just felt so guilty for what I was doing to people's teeth by creating sugary temptations I felt I had to make up for it by working in a dental office...just kitting). Later on one evening right before going to bed I checked craigslist one last time and found a position open for a dental receptionist very close to our apartment. I quickly created a cover letter and e-mailed that along with my resume. Matt told me I should stop in just to show that I was serious about the job. This turned out to be good advice. The next day as I was thinking about the job I felt good about it and prayed I would get the job. I went out and found the place and stepped inside. I introduced myself to the current receptionist who in turn introduced me to the dentist. He was very surprised and said to me, “But I haven’t set up any interviews yet; I just posted the job last night…” I reassured him that I was just stopping by so that when he saw my resume he would know who I was. He decided to interview me and set me up to do a working interview for the next day for the full day. Yahoo! So I worked/observed the next day and talked to the dentist several times to touch base. At noon he expressed desires to still interview other candidates to see what his options were (which makes sense since I have no experience whatsoever in dentistry or being a receptionist). By 5:00 he offered me the job saying he felt good about me. He gave me a dollar increase from my last job. Now I work 8:45 to 5:15 M-F and I have benefits, better working environment and hours, a genuinely nice boss, and am learning the “family business”. Matt was very happy. He asked me: “So, how does it feel to be starting the job you will have for the rest of your life?” There is a lot to learn and to be totally honest I really would rather be doing assisting, hands on stuff, but I feel very blessed to have gotten what I got. It is strange to have a job sitting all day though…my feet are like haaaa. It has been difficult being the new girl in a small office of only 5 employees total but it is working out. Now Matt and I can discuss dental stuff and he doesn’t have to hear me go on about crazy people and chocolate. The Lord will help us as long as we do our part.

Yummy Mess

I was whipping some cream for a dessert on Sunday using my new hand blender which is SO handy and I wasn’t paying attention and got cream everywhere!! Matt helped me clean it up…with his tongue!


Emily said...

Congrats Julee! It's a difficult job, but you'll be great at it! That's an amazing and inspirational story. Prayer + effort is the best equation for life!

Suspension Bridges said...

Yea!!!! I am so glad that things worked out for you. You have way more guts than I do. You will do great with this job as well.

mindy said...

Way to go Julee! I must say the pressure is now on for me to get a podiatry receptionist job!

Jenny & Scott said...

Sounds like it's going to be a great job! I thought you had to go to school to be a dental assistant. Am I wrong?

allison said...

Julee...It's Allison SONNTAG Jossie. You know, from Price, Angie's friend. I came across your blog throught Jenn Dart Zollinger's blog. It's fun to see all the neat things you are doing. Lucky you to have this grand adventure in the Big Apple. You are so cute! I love your haircut. Anyway...I noticed a link on your blog to Ryan and Katie Allen's blog. Katie was in my single's ward here in Ogden before we both were married...for like two years. I think she was a Relief Society teacher while I was the president. We were both married the same summer, I think. She's so awesome. How do you know her? From the dental school? Small, Small world. Tell her hi for me