Thursday, April 17, 2008


School was humane enough to actually give a spring break. School got out on Friday, May 28 and a few hour later Julee and I were on a Flight heading to SLC. We spent the vacation visiting almost everyone we were related to and and then some. We hit up Salt Lake, Price, Moab, Ogden, Provo, Rexburg, Victor, and even Mud Lake. The highlights included:

Hiking the pass with Steve (the magical Jewboy). (The previouse pictures that did not show up were viddeos of some sweet turns in steep powder. I can't get any videos to work, must be a Vista thing.)

Hiking up the Mt. Olympus trail for a little while with my Mom, Dad, and Molly

Visiting Arches National Park with Julee's Mom, nine month pregnant sister Angie, nephew Harper, and 80 year old Grandpa

Snow boarding at Park City with Julee's brother Jordi and friend Bo. Thanks Bo for the fee lift tickets!

It was awesome to get to see everyone. Julee and I both really miss being around family. It was also nice to escape from the city and be able to get into some wide open spaces.


Garrett and Mindy Sessions said...

It looks like you had a great trip... It makes me want to go too. I miss all those places. It is good you made the most of your break.. so you don't go crazy with school and wild new york.


Suspension Bridges said...

I was waiting for some highlights of your trip. I can't believe Angie went to Arches with you. Did you ever make it back to Price to see her baby?

Ashli Brown said...

Sounds like yall had a lot of fun. we miss you guys a ton!

Ryan said...

(katie) Haha, you made the most of that vacation! Wow, you hiked a lot...I forgot how outdoorsy you two are. Makes me impressed to think of you living in a huge city. We'll have to play now that you guys are back.

Garrett and Mindy Sessions said...

for some reason the top two pics don't showup and it is killing me... i want to see them... do they show up for you or anyone else?

Glade Nutshell said...

Looks like you two had a BLAST!!! Always nice to getaway and relax with family & friends.