Thursday, November 13, 2008


I Got tagged by Cyrie Fry, my sister. I am suppose to write 7 random things about myself and then tag someone else. Matt, you are suppose to do this as well!

1. I slipped today going down the stairs into the Path station and fell hard (it was slippery from the rain)! It took me a minute before I could walk. Now my right butt cheek and arm are bruised

2. I love making other people laugh but am not as good at it as I would like to be

3. I have a desire to travel around the world

4. I can't wait to be a mom though

5. I would enjoy being a writer or photographer

6. I often don't screw the lids tightly, or at all, on things and it drives Matt crazy

7. My favorite places are Calf Creek Falls in the Zion National Park and this Quaking Aspen forest in Scofield, Utah near my families cabin when the leafs are all yellow.

I tag Kara Pincock (now you do the same thing)


NatureGirl said...

Ok, I sent you an invite onto the family blog. Come join the fun! Sorry it took me so long, I thought I had sent you one! Spread the word...

Cyrie said...

If you would like to be a writer or photographer, then get started writing and taking photos! Do you have Photoshop on your computer?

Grandma P said...

Those are such beautiful pictures. New York - what a great place to be in the fall! Love you both! Mom