Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Festivities

Palm Springs, California

We had a 5 hour lay over here on the 23rd on our way to Utah. We walked several miles to a Pizza Hut and then ate our pizza out in a plaza with Palm trees and enjoyed the warmer weather. It was a long wait, longer than we planned...

Scofield, Utah

We finally made it to the "Pincock's Play House" (cabin) for Christmas Eve where Jordi (my younger brother), Mom, Dad, Matt and I enjoyed a Jerusalem like feast.

Christmas Day Snow

Christmas Gifts

We got a Pack and Play from my Mom and Dad for Christmas. Thank you!!! It is going to be the perfect set up for our apartment.

A View from the Cabin Windows

It is a very Christmasy place to enjoy the holidays. We really enjoyed the contrast from city life.

Playing the Wii

All the kids chipped in and got a Wii for my parents for Christmas. It kept us busy and having fun together at the cabin...especially Matt, the entire vacation:

Temple Square

Matt and I went to Temple Square where we met my older brother Cory and his three boys: Quinn, Dylan, and Trevor to drink hot coco and enjoy the beauty of that place together. I love them so much.


Anonymous said...

You are such a good blogger girlfriend keep it up!

NatureGirl said...

Happy New Year you guys! X0X0X0

The Sorensens said...

HEY JULEE! I just found your blog through Lisa's blog. I am sooo excited for you! WOOOO HOOO you are having a baby! Looks like things are going great! Congrats!


mindy said...

Hey mattjohn... Merry Christmas! Looks like you had a great time!

mindy said...

OOPS I am signed in under Mindys name again... This is Garrett not Mindy.

Suspension Bridges said...

I am so glad that you had fun in Utah. It is too bad the holidays are so busy with everything we couldn't get together. Michelle was also here it would have been fun to see everyone.

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Looks like Christmas was a blast. We missed you guys.