Monday, March 23, 2009


Which names do you like better (Matt, please respond too):
Danielle Sage (Danny for short)
Carlee Marie

Peter Douglas
Paul Michael
Luke Gabriel

The meaning of Danielle is "God is my Judge"
Marie is my middle name and my mother's
We all know who Peter, Paul, and Luke are (Biblical names)
Michael is Matt's Dad's name/Douglas my Dad's name
The meaning of Gabriel is "God is my strength" (also a very biblical name)


Michael Thornton said...

Julee, those names are so cute! I personally LOVE Carlee Marie and Luke Gabriel. However, it is a close second for Paul Michael!

Caitlin said...

I just stumbled on your blog from Shannon's. So fun to find out you are having a baby, and so soon. Good luck these last weeks. It is so fun that you didn't find out what you are having!

Katie said...

I like Carlee Marie for the girl, and it's a toss up for the boy name. Haha, Ryan and I had a hard enough time coming up with one on our own!! Good luck!

Rachel said...

Danielle Sage and Peter Douglas. Great meanings and they roll off the tongue so well. Can't wait to see what you're carrying around in the belly of yours!

Cyrie said...

This is too easy. Carlee for a girl and Luke for a boy. There's no question!

gretchen said...

I agree with the consensus--Carlee and Luke. :)

LundHOMEpage said...

Hey julee, how are you???

So I like both girl names....sage is cute even for a first name! And i like Luke Gabriel the best....or if you want family maybe Luke Douglas....:)

NatureGirl said...

I'm with Cyrie even though I already have one nephew named Luke. I cannot believe you are letting us butt in! Gabriel is nice as well.