Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Poems

I wrote a poem for the primary children called "Footsteps" to cut out and glue onto a footprint to give to their dads as part of sharing time. Then, after church I decided I would write Matt a poem. It is entitled "The Greatest Part." It turned out pretty funny.


Thank you Dad for all you do,
For helping me stay true

And hold to the Iron Rod
That will lead me back to God.

I am so glad I have someone so kind,
Whose footsteps I can follow behind

And know they will lead me
On the path I need to be.

So I would like to, if I may
Wish YOU a Happy Father’s Day!

The Greatest Part

Faithful and true,
That is you.
From the beginning you knew
You wanted me not to feel blue.

Well, you take away my blues,
And you set off my fuse!
Our marriage was the greatest news,
And now we have a baby that coos.

I love you with all my heart.
I am sorry for all the times I fart;
I know that isn’t the greatest part.
I hope you’re still glad I jumped in your cart.

You are the greatest part of every day.
I love to go outside with you and play.
I like living by the bay;
Our life together is really o.k.!

On your first Father’s Day, enjoy your cake!
It is a German Chocolate one, no fake.
Because you truly do make…
The greatest Father and Husband in the whole wide lake!!!


Cyrie said...

Cute poems. I like farting part.

Katie said...

Haha, I guess most guys are probably surprised at how often we women fart, since we try to repress them when dating....!!
You've got quite the talent with poems, there!