Monday, September 13, 2010

A Mouse in the Doll House

Finally I am posting! Sorry the blog hasn't been updated for so freakin' long. There is always so many things to be done so blogging gets put on the back burner. We have lots to share though...before Danilyn comes!

So you are wondering about the title? Well, we have been in Oregon for the past 2 1/2 weeks for Matt's one break from school besides Christmas. Between staying at his parents family home in West Linn, Oregon and then at a huge six bedroom house in Sunriver, Oregon for a Nielsen family reunion, by the time we got home our apartment felt like a doll house, too small to actually live in guessed it; we found mouse droppings scattered about. Dang!

Here are some lovely pictures taken by Matt from our trip. Matt has an amazing family and Oregon is a beautiful place.

Day trip to Seaside, Oregon

Carlee likes the sand

and mom and dad like Carlee

Indian Beach

Pictures of Matt's Family
(click on the one below to see every one's faces better and get a good laugh)

Carlee absolutely loved riding the lawn mower with Grandpa

but she didn't like the bike rides

and mom shouldn't have been riding a bike

I absolutely love these next four pictures of Carleebug

Carlee's first amusement park rides

She liked this one but looked like she was going to throw up as it spun around


Shells said...

Such great pictures! I never realized you were connected to Jared and Natalie. They're in our ward right now. Fun!

Elisa said...

You are the cutest pregnant lady Julee! Carlee is such a cute little girl too. I bet you can't wait to be done and meet your new baby. I wont lie can be crazy taking care of two kids. It's a whole new level of crazy. I've been told it gets better. I kind of have a routine going which helps. The hardest part is feeding Wesley and not being able to stop Xander from getting into trouble. Good luck with everything.

Shannon Thornton said...

Oh my, you guys are too cute! Carlee is getting so big! I am excited to see Danilyn, Such a cute name!