Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is long overdue but I just don't have the time. Our little family has been sick this week (except Dani, thank heaven)with colds, the stomach flu and Carlee with Croup. YUCK! It is good to experience the bad every once and a while to appreciate the good. Here are a bazillion pictures from our quick Thanksgiving trip to my home in Price, Utah. We had a super good time and had some firsts while we were there too. Dani did great on her first flight. Dani got to meet all her family for the first time including her Great Grandpa and Grandma Nielsen Dani was blessed by her daddy in my old home ward and got to have several of her uncles join in the circle and her grandpa too. She wore a dress that her Aunt Kara got for her and Carlee wore a dress that her grandma made for her. After the blessing Matt took some family pictures: Grandma with all her grandchildren... and a more realistic picture of Grandma with all her grandchildren. I had to post both of these because I love Carlee in the top one. This is Aunt Kara who has three boys and hopefully a girl on the way but for now she likes to buy lots of girly stuff for Carlee whenever she gets the chance. Carlee loved it!
So for those of you who are wondering what you do in Price, Utah for fun over Thanksgiving, here are some ideas: Have a wicked fun dance party in your garage (yes we really did and it rocked!) For proof, just look at the happiness on Carlee and her grandpa's faces. Have a blast swimming at the pool at the Holiday Inn, they won't mind. No pics of the pool party though:( Go shopping at D.I. and try on silly stuff (yes, we really did that too). Oh, you want proof? K: If you do that you'll still have time for the usual stuff like the big feast and family, game, and movie time, which we did. Top: Sister-In-Law kara and sister Angie and Cyrie. Do we look alike to you? We also enjoyed a Christmas gift exchange since we won't all be together for Christmas this year. Carlee got her first Strawberry Short Cake doll, oooh! Other firsts that happened while in Utah: Dani really enjoyed her first Thanksgiving and started really smiling and cooing at everyone. She also went two nights in a row sleeping 10 hours! She also didn't poop for 12 days straight and finally broke the spell with some help from a glycerin suppository. And last but not least, Carlee escaped the pack n' play for the first time!


Emily said...

That looks likes a very fun visit. I do think you and your sisters look related :) Dani looked beautiful in her blessing dress.

Jenny & Scott said...

Love that you got Carlee getting out of the pack n play. Stuff like that you'll love to look back on and she'll love it too! It was great seeing you all. Thanks for letting the girls hang out with us in Sacrament meeting, it was a real treat. It helped comfirm for Scott that we should NOT have more kids. Our hands are too full already. Merry Christmas! Love you guys :)

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

We are sorry that we missed all the fun! Dani looked so cute and Carlee...I can't believe that she let you film that! What a strong little girl.