Thursday, January 27, 2011


First crazy: Matt turned 30 two days ago! That is crazy. How does it feel to be 30 years old Matt? It must not feel too good because a week before his birthday he matter-of-factly told me he discovered a hair growing in one of his ears...well, if it puts you at ease at all Matt, my mother just said that it seems like the worst things don't start happening until after 50 so you you still have some "crazy good years yet." I sure hope you have a crazy good 30th year:)

I designed this cool mouse pad for Matt on Shutterfly using pictures he took of Carlee and Dani's feet and hands.

I got him some other cool stuff...

What a NERD

Second crazy: the snow storm! I am in shock how much snow fell in one night. WOWee. Now this is crazy.

These are the garbage cans in the drive way of apartments we live in

This is a car

This use to be our snowman

Third crazy: I cut my hair off...just like Emma Watson. Liberation indeed. I know some of you may not like it but I DO so it doesn't matter and I guarantee that any woman with long hair who cut it short would marvel at the convenience and ease of super short hair. LOVE IT.

Fourth crazy: How fun it was to have my sister Cyrie come stay with us for the weekend after a work conference in Philly.

Attending the MET

Dining out

Painting our nails hot pink with white hearts for Valentine's Day

Diapering Dani

We also went to the NYC Aquarium in Brooklyn, check out Cyrie's blog for more photos.

Fifth crazy: Carlee painting her cardboard fort...and herself.

Enough craziness already.


Emily said...

I LOVE the hair and now I want to back to a pixie myself!

Molly said...

I LOVE THE HAIR..I am so jealous that your face shape allows for short hair. It looks sooo great. How is Matt handling it?

Matt, Julee, Carlee and Danilyn said...

Matt is doing better with it than he has in the past!

NatureGirl said...

I always like your short hair...mine too...for convenience! Thirty sounds just GREAT. And it makes me only 10 years older (at least for a couple more weeks) and that is even greater! So I say Happy Birthday old man...from your little old auntie.

Katie said...

I LOVE your hair. Honestly I know I couldn't pull it off, partly because one of my ear pokes out. Hah! But really, you look great!

Elisa said...

Julee, you have always looked good with short hair. You can definitely pull it off and you look cute! My hubby is older, he is turning 31 today!

NatPalmer said...

Love the hair!

Jenny & Scott said...

Julee I love your hair. So cute... I've been saying for a long time that my favorite hair cut for you was when you and Matt were married. Love it short. Anyway, I love your pictures. Scott and I both were amazed with the snow and were laughing about Carlee's painted box. Thanks for being so good about posting - I check all the time for an update.

Wendy and Spencer said...

I love the fort so much! You have to tell me how your made it! Congratulations Matt on being done!

The Pincocks from Price said...

Dad and I really like your hair too:) Dad said I should follow suit - and I thought he wanted me to grow mine out. Fingernail painting session looks sooo fun as does the fort project. You are such a good mommy. Glad you got to enjoy aunt Cyrie.