Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This past month it seems like we have been blown like a dandelion in the wind. We've been this way and that, here and there and back again visiting ALL of our family and having tons of fun with everyone. Matt, as a newly commissioned Captain in the Air Force, left today for Montgomery, Alabama where he will stay for five weeks. When he comes home he will have been whipped into shape and know how to function as an officer in the United States Military. Carlee, Dani and I are grateful to be hanging out in Utah with my parents and my brother who just returned home from a mission to the Philippines while Matt is gone. Our final destination in Colorado Springs won't be reached until the end of this month for me and the kiddos and the first of August for Matt. Here are some lovely pictures of my lovely family- if I do say so myself. Matt is the photographer...of course. (Gosh, my husband is a dentist, a Captain, and a photographer...Man, I sure did hit the jack pot:)


Elisa said...

Come visit me if you come to the Salt Lake area. I would love to see you again. It's been a long time! I live 25 miles north of SLC.

Kellie Glade said...

Hey guys!!! It was soooo good to see your cute family at our little reunion. Just now catching up on your blog....I never have time...the joys of motherhood :) Good luck in your new digs in Colorado. We love you guys and what beautiful girls you have.
P.S. Julee....I love your hair...if I could only get away with it :)