Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Heaven

Well, Matt has been gone for a little over a week now and I am feeling exhausted and missing him. I spent a week at my sister's house in Toas, NM which is only 3.5 hours away from us, yipee! She has two boys Rowan age 3 and Harper age 6. It was a busy week running around after a 1, 2, 3, and 6 year old but we had fun. I have only been home for a couple of days and I am wishing Matt was not going to be gone for almost 2 more weeks. How do families do it when a parent is deployed for half a year or more?

While we were in Toas we went to the amazing McCall's Pumpkin Patch. It was so much fun. A few days before that my friend and I took our girls to the Wishing Star Farm and Pumpkin Patch here in Colorado Springs. It was not as big of a production as the McCall's one but it was still so much fun. Pumpkin patches are just one more reason to LOVE this time of year!

So below are some beautiful pictures that my friend Heidi took at the Wishing Star Farm pumpkin patch here in town. I will also be posting pics of the fun times Carlee, Dani and I had in Toas with my sister and her awesome family as soon as I get the pics from my sister:) And, hopefully Matt will be posting Danilyn's 1st birthday pics soon so stay tuned!

A train ride, pumpkin patch style

A really cool swing

A really big slide, yeeehaw

Heidi, her two girls and us on a hay ride

A big bouncy pillow that Carlee didn't like jumping on on her own, Dani loved it!

Carlee riding a pony!

Dani petting the pony that Carlee rode. They both loved the experience!


Molly said...

So Cute! Carlee looks like she needs a pony!!!!

Shannon Thornton said...

So cute! Miss you guys! Xoxo