Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sledding at the Pincock Cabin, Christmas break 2011

Go Quinn!

Go Matt!
I might be too big a pansy for this now from the looks of it:

I survived!
Go Cyrie!
Quinn and Dylan jumping over each other. NOT safe, we know!

Carlee loved sledding,
and so did Dani.

Go Harper!


Sledding sure can be fun but it definitely isn't the safest form of entertainment. Of all the years we have been doing it without getting hurt, this year we were not so lucky. Little Trev, my six year old nephew, broke his femur! Poor guy. He had to lie in pain for over an hour waiting for paramedics to arrive at the cabin and a helicopter to fly him quickly to Primary Children's Hospital for surgery. He is alright now, just immobilized for 2 months! Hang in there kiddo!!!

We saw big foot at the cabin this year!


Doug & Deb said...

Thanks for sharing our excitment, joy's and sorrow's of being together for Christmas. We learned some lessons and had some fun, for sure! Love you all much!

Alyssa Bridge said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun. I saw the picture of the restored toys and had total dejavu. Thats because it was. :) Glad we were able to see you for a bit. Thanks for taking the time to stop.