Monday, February 27, 2012


So today is my 29th birthday. I'm cool with being 29, I guess. I'm not cool with what Matt said to me a couple nights ago though. I was washing my face and Matt was laying in bed when, out of the blue he says, I think you should stop wearing makeup." I'm thinking, where is this going? So I ask, "Oh ya, why is that?" He replies that I have wrinkles and he doesn't and he thinks that the chemicals in my makeup are causing the wrinkles. Ya. Oh, and then he was shocked that I got mad at him. (As probably any male is who reads this I'm guessing.) So, apparently Matt is worried about me getting older and wrinkly and isn't afraid to say it in the worst way possible. Guess at 29 I'll go out and spend a ridiculous amount of money on age defying wrinkle disappearing creams, there is enough of them out there. (Molly, how much does the kit at your work cost again?)
Wrinkles. They are part of life. Besides, mine are from smiling:)


Emily said...

They do say that visible signs of aging start to show around age 25. I have also had to plunge into the world of correcting creams. Ugh. Let's all just be wrinkly and age-spotty together, eh?

Oh, and I think Matt owes you a dinner out for the comment ;)

Molly said...

Oh my brother...The things he says. I would have punched him.

Katie said...

I would have punched him to! :) There was a model who said she scrubbed her face with a pumice stone to stay looking as young as she did. (And she did look good!) She said she noticed that guys were rough on their face with shaving, so she decided to be rough on hers. Hah. I've never had the guts to do it, though, so if you ever do, let me know if you notice a difference. :)

Shannon Thornton said...

Girl, you look like you're 21!

I'm sending Matt a death glare, I hope he feels it. Also, he owes you...not just 1 dinner, but 2 or 3!

Suspension Bridges said...

Tell Matt I saw some gray hair at Christmas. It must come from all the mean comments to his wife.

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

You only have to worry if your wrinkles are frown ones. If they are laugh and smile ones then you should wear them proudly.