Monday, March 5, 2012

A program!

So, I love school so much I decided to apply for a two year residency called an AEGD-2 or A program. After procrastinating, then regretting procrastinating, which then caused me a lot of stress, then rushing to take the GRE (witch was not fun), I managed to get my application in with not a second to spare. I thought I might have to apply several times but I got lucky. So June 2013 we will be heading to either San Antonio Texas, Biloxi Mississippi, or even less likely Bethesda Maryland. It was nice of them to let me know I was in, but unfortunately the details will be forthcoming.

Once I have completed the residency I will have earned a masters degree in something and will have trained in all the dental specialties. Basically it will make me a much better dentist. We will see how it goes

(If you never have heard of Biloxi it is half way between New Orleans and Mobile)


Molly said...

I vote for my vote counts...But Biloxi wouldn't be too bad either...I have always wanted to go see New Orleans!

Emily said...

I'll be hoping for Bethesda - It would be great to have you so close. Good luck!