Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick Funny Story

We have one of these cute plush piggy ball things and today when it was Matt's turn to play with the girls he tried to come up with something else he could do with the girls other than play with "stupid dolls."  So he had Carlee get up on the top bunk bed and he was throwing stuffed animals to her (or at her?) and then she would toss them down and Dani would hand them to Matt. Well, pretty soon there was a lot of giggling going on and I was called in to watch.  When I peeked in, both girls were on the top bunk and Matt was throwing the piggy at Carlee and when it hit her she just cracked up (yes, she was tired).  Dani would toss the pig down and the process would repeat.  So, tonight when I was helping Carlee review her day before she said her prayers I reminded her to be thankful that her daddy played with her.  In her prayer she thanked Heavenly Father that Daddy threw a piggy at her face.

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Jenny & Scott said...

Great times. It's those funny little moments the kids will remember. It seems like the less planning there is the more they get into it!