Monday, August 27, 2012

Lovely Oregon

We haven't posted in a while.  The girls and I got to escape from the Texas heat for a month!  Matt's sister Angela, her 4 kids and me and my 2 kids drove in one mini van from Dallas to Portland in four days, and that is six kids 6 and under in case you were wondering.  Yes, its true.  We had good time too, minus almost every kid getting sick and several of them vomiting in the car, that part wasn't so fun.  We did it so that Angela and I could go to the annual girl's trip to the quilt show in Sisters, Oregon and then go to the Nielsen family reunion three weeks later at the Oregon coast.  Calree and Dani had a blast getting to stay at Granny and Grandpa's house for three weeks with their cousins.  The highlights were the relationships built, Granny's bubble gum machine, playing outside, going raspberry and blueberry picking, hiking lots in the gorgeous Oregon forests in perfect weather, going to Voodoo Donuts, and of course, the coast.  I missed Matt and the girls missed their Dad (and he missed us) but he got to come for part of the family reunion, about a day and a half...better than nothing!  He took some beautiful pictures while he was with us.  (You'll wanna click on this picture below.)

I am never with it enough to take pictures and look after Carlee and Dani so Matt is in none of these pictures.  Sorry Matt!  Angela, who has four kids can manage to take pictures but not me.  She took lots of pictures of our adventures at Granny and Grandpa's, maybe she will share some when she has time.  Matt's family is amazing.  From day one I have felt so blessed to get to be a part of them.  Thank you Nielsen family for EVERYTHING! 

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Elisa Stephenson said...

I'm so glad you finally posted. I love all the pictures!