Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adventures in the Lives of Carlee and Danilyn

 Their Daddy taught them the joy of eating oranges.

Playing with princess barbies Ariel and Snow White, Carlee's new faves.
Dani is now attached to that doll, Starbright, takes it everywhere.  She is also obsessed with gum (which keeps her from sucking her thumb at least) and with the word 'why' lately.  She asks why to everything, even after you have told her why!
Carlee doesn't enjoy playing by herself but does it because she has to sometimes.  She would rather dress up as a princess and play pretend ALL day long.  No matter what I am doing, she wants to be playing pretend this or pretend that. 
We watched five kitties for some friends over the weekend and the girls had fun with them, of course!  The cats handled the abuse pretty well.

 Carlee really likes to paint.

 Daddy is very busy so the girls get Daddy time any way they can, even if it is really boring.

 Bathing in the big tub in soap bubbles is lots of fun.

 Carlee is growing out of all her cloths.

 Dani gets all of Carlee's old cloths, even when they say the wrong thing.

They have lots of play time and like watching movies for down time. 


Molly said...

I think that means that you need to keep one of those kitties. They are so cute (both the kitties and girls). I miss you guys soooo much.

Elisa Stephenson said...

I love all the pictures. Your girls are so beautiful. I bet that was fun and crazy watching those kittens.