Friday, October 12, 2012

Danilyn is 2!

Danilyn is so cute, obviously. She can say a lot at two years old and she can have some serious attitude too, sometimes it scares me! She also melts my heart and brings our family so much joy! I loved looking back at old pictures of her for this post. One of my favorite things she does right now is say "I can do this" over and over when she is trying to do something challenging. I told Carlee to say that when something was hard instead of crying and saying just the opposite. Dani just picked up on it. She is doing so many cute things right now. For a little while she was attached to a doll we have named Starbright until one morning she woke up and was crying for the Woody doll. She then played with him and carried him all over for several weeks. Who will it be next? She is really into playing with dolls and stuffed animals right now. She is good at playing pretend thanks to Carlee.  She loves to chew gum, oh man. She is good at saying please, thank you and sorry. When she says "I love you" it is just so sweet. She can pray and tell stories. She has this story that Matt told the girls one Monday night that she likes to retell (in a much shortened version) every night at bed time. It is basically about this child that got separated from her mother in an elevator. She prayed and as a result knew what button to push to get back to her mother. The way Dani tells it is very cute, short and sweet. Just like Dani. We are so blessed to have had her with us for these past 2 years.

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Elisa Stephenson said...

Awww! She really is adorable! Happy Birthday to Danilyn!