Monday, December 17, 2012

December Happenings


Time to put up the outside lights!

                                                                 Oooh so pretty! 
  (Never played outside in just t-shirts after putting up Christmas lights until this year.)

                                                  Our little Christmas angels

I took the girls to a work party without Matt because he was working, I know, lame.  They got new dresses to meet Santa in and everything.  As it turned out, Santa wasn't really Santa.  In fact, he could barely pass as one of  Santa's helpers...but thanks anyway for trying guys!  I think we better look a little harder for the real thing, don't you?      

Last year they met the real thing (he does have a fake beard, but at least it is a pretty fake beard).
But, I must say, they walked away from the party as happy as two little girls could possibly be because they got princess dress up stuff.  Notice how it looks like fall, it finally came in December. 

                   All the December fun makes everyone tired, but a very good tired indeed. 
We have to throw a couple of boo boos in too.  Dani got this shiner while putting up the Christmas lights.  Don't worry, she didn't fall off the roof, just tripped over a string of lights.  OUCH.

Carlee got her first black eye while playing on the treadmill in her new plastic high heels.  EEKS!

                                                        Funky new red glasses


                                                                 I'm half way!
                                                    Gender post coming soon...
                                           A few family Christmas photos for you



Elisa Stephenson said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. As usual, you have the cutest pictures of the cutest girls in the world! I can't wait to hear about the gender or your baby. There is no way you can think that you are not the most adorable pregnant lady in the world!

Suspension Bridges said...

It is so amazing how tiny you are. I love the lights. That is one thing Justin knows he has to do. I looooooove Christmas lights.