Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Here are more pictures (finally) from our trip in December and January. We visited Seaside, Oregon and an over look of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.  We had an awesome day and Matt captured it well through photography.    


Matt built a little fire to end our day on the Oregon Coast because we were all very cold and tired.  We told some campfire stories. 
We got to do some hiking before coming home as well.  Oregon is such a beautiful place!!!

We still have some more pictures to post from this trip, they will be coming soon, hopefully!


Molly said...

is it weird the first thing I recognized was Bonnie?

Elisa Stephenson said...

I love the pictures! You don't even need to pay photographers for family photos. You look so beautiful Julee and so do your little girls.

cyrie said...

fun pictures!