Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pre-K Adventures

So, Carlee is now a preschooler with one week under her belt!  She likes it.  I have to have her to the school by 7:45 or earlier M-F.  We have been walking most mornings.  Every morning so far has been a bit different with Peter and Danilyn to get up and going too.  Carlee has handled getting up an hour earlier than she is use to pretty well until this Tuesday.  We had a fun Memorial Day weekend in Dallas with her cousins and of course she played non stop for three days so come Tuesday morning, she was a bear, throwing herself on the floor, crying like a baby.  A few mornings Dani sat on the couch and fed Peter a bottle while I helped Carlee get ready, that worked out good.  Other mornings I had to wake Dani and Peter up right before we were ready to walk out the door.  Yesterday morning Dani was in the bottom part of the Phil&Ted, hair ratty, eyes sleepy, jammies on, sucking her thumb and Carlee was in the top seat eating her yogurt and cereal bar.  I had Peter on my chest in the carrier, facing forward while I held the bottle for him and I was pushing the stroller with the other hand.  Multitasking, yes indeed.  It may sound a bit crazy but it still beats putting them all in their car seats, getting stuck in traffic lines, trying to find a parking spot, etc.  As soon as we get outside and start walking all of our spirits are lifted.  The humidity kills me though, I get very sweaty.  So, anyway, as I was walking this lady does a U-turn, rolls down her window, and says to me: "And people say they don't have time to exercise!"  Then, with her hand on her heart, she proceeded to tell me how amazing she thought I was.  (I think she has seen me on more than one morning doing the same thing.)  As soon as I got a chance to speak up I said, laughing: "I am just trying to get her (pointing to Carlee) to school."  She said something about how she was still impressed.  Despite all that, I did not feel one bit cool, just a bit like a crazy lady doing the best I can to get my kid to school on time, care for my younger two, and exercise all at the same time!  There is just not enough time in a day...and yet it feels like too much time most days because of being so darn tired all the feakin' time.   
When I picked Carlee up after the first few days of school, I really wanted to know what her day was like, detail by detail.  I was surprised and frustrated by how little she could tell me about the past three hours of her life.  Desperate to get more information from her, I told her that I wasn't going to stop bugging her until she could remember and tell me something she learned.  She told me the rules, that is all I could get out of her.  I kept bugging her and asking her what else her teacher talked to her about.  Finally, she just kind of made a weird face and looked up at the roof of the van and said, "Babies...?"  I started to laugh.  Doubt she learned about babies her first day at Preschool but she couldn't figure out how else to get me to leave her alone.  Silly girl, silly Mama.  This is my first experience with a kid in school.  Tomorrow she gets to start riding the bus home so that will be great!  Three hours isn't long enough, hehe.  It only ends up being barley 2 1/2 hours by the time we walk home and have to turn around and go get her.  That much time turns out to be not much time at all!  I am so glad she is learning things and I am not the one doing the teaching though:)  She is good at making friends and I don't worry one bit about her not being obedient.  Her daddy gave her a special blessing the night before her fist day and in her own prayer that morning she prayed that she would be able to make new friends.  This is the start of a long career of academics, here we go!                        


Jenny & Scott said...

I always question my kids too about what they learn at school. I'll prepare you now, it doesn't get any better until they are in second or third grade. Jack wouldn't tell me anything about his first day except that it was great. Yah for school :)

Molly said...

Oh how I love your kids! You are such a great mom! Carlee is growing up, make her stop!