Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Camping in November

We went camping at Garner State park first of November and it was so much fun. Perfect weather and we all had a blast, although in a lot of the pictures Dani doesn't look so happy. Matt put up twinkle lights and everything; it was my first time camping with electricity at a campsite and the lights really made it special, hehe. We got there late, past bed time but the kids snoozed for 2 hours on the drive there and then woke up excited to help set everything up and then roast hot dogs and make s'mores. Peter slept great for the fist time in a tent. Matt made banana pancakes and bacon for breakfast and then we did a hike to a cave. We got the girls to hike all the way with out a single complaint by playing "Epic" as we hiked. Matt and Peter were Boggans, Dani was a leafmen, I was M.K. and Carlee was the future queen. We were trying to get the pod to the cave before the boggans got it so it could bloom in the right place in order for Carlee to be the next queen of the forest. Afterwords it was almost warm enough to swim in the Frio River. We did it anyway. The clear light green water was so inviting and was amazingly refreshing once you got past the initial shock of the cold. Matt and I did the rope swing and Carlee went all the way across the river with her dad. Dani got in long enough to pee.  

We went again a couple of weeks later with friends from church and it was shockingly colder, we are talkin' in the 30's.  There was an adventure to be had though, so we went as planned anyway.  And it was an adventure, but we had our tent in this little shelter and had a space heater in our tent.  Plus we all have down coats, Peter's is a very pink body suit because he has two older sisters, but it kept him warm and that's all that matters!     

And this is just a funny happening to make you smile as you finish looking at our blog. 
Happy December everyone!


Doug & Deb said...

Fun fun camping that made lasting memories for the kids.

cyrie said...

looks like fun! miss you guys. i love the new family picture at the top of the blog!

Molly said...

Good job Peter! Camping looked fun!