Sunday, April 13, 2014

Carlee's 5th Birthday Party

Carlee had a tutu tea party on March 22nd to celebrate her birthday.
She made all her own invitations (mommy only helped with the information part).
It was very exciting and all her friends came in their finest tutus and made it a real ballerina bash!

We played musical tutus

 Carlee is blessed with lots of wonderful friends because she is wonderful herself!  She is so sweet, fun, creative, smart and genuinely cares about and tries to make those around her happy.
We all love her and are so thankful she is part of our lives.  
And as for Peter, well, he tried to eat the decorations, but of course that was no surprise.  


cyrie said...

looks like carlee had a very happy birthday! i love you guys. xo

Doug & Deb said...

The best 5th birthday girl party ever! Love you Carlee:)