Thursday, May 15, 2014

Peter's 1st Birthday

 The girls couldn't wait for him to open his presents so we did that first!

The Cozy Coupe is a hit.

The girls and I fun making the tie dyed/rainbow cake on Saturday...
and Peter LOVED eating it on Sunday! 

Thanks Grandma for the cute new hat you made, and the cars,
 and card,
 and amazing quilt!

 Peter is such a joy!


cyrie said...

happy birthday peter! that rainbow cake is awesome and love the blond hair:) what is happening to our relationship when you go and change your hair color and i don't even know about it!? i kid.

Doug & Deb said...

Wow that looks like some good bday fun! Xoxoxo

Jenny & Scott said...

Happy Birthday Peter! Wish we lived closer so we could enjoy your little ones more. I'm with Cyrie, love the hair. It was one of the first things I noticed too. That cake looks awesome, I might have to have you explain that one to me. Hannah and Allie would love it!