Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Parents are Incredible!

I like to think of myself as a pretty adventurous type, I am young and in good shape and enjoy challenges. This last August before Julee and I headed to New York we made one last quick retreat to Zion with our buddy Steve (shown in the picture) to get a little adventure in. We did several slot canyons and had a good time. Around the end of October my parents along with my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Marcie headed down to Zion national park and did some canyonearing as well. To keep this short they ended up doing one of the canyons that we had done called Spry. It is probably my second favorite slot canyon with over 10 repels and variety of open and very narrow terrain.

Unfortunately my Mom dislocated her shoulder near the end of the canyon (the picture is of them both before she was hurt). At that point the only way out was to continue down the canyon through two or three large rappels. I am sure it was not very fun, and the memory might keep my Mom from letting my Dad talk her into another adventure. They made it though and since then my Mom’s shoulder has been re-located and the ligaments were not torn. My parents both turned 59 this year and I am left hoping that Julee and I are able to continue adventures when we are their age.

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Garrett and Mindy Sessions said...

your parents rock... i wouldn't be too surprised if history repeats itself... watch out julee! I hate seeing those pictures of zion... I hate the midwest... yes.. HATE. The midwest makes people appreciate the west more.