Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving Julee and I didn’t cook turkey or any other typical foods. Instead we woke up early and rode the subway down to Times Square and Watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We arrived two hours early and there was already a big crowd. We claimed our spot somewhere in the 8th row of people. At about 9:30 the parade was getting close to where we were it started to get exciting. There was a group of six people who pushed their way forward behind a wheel chair. They had southern accents and were defiantly not from NY. As they got closer to the front people were more and more reluctant to let them by. The group reached as far as in front of us and then couldn’t make it any farther. She called out and said that a policeman had said they get to push to the front. Then people in their NY accents replied back that the wheel chair could move forward but not the whole group. The lady looked flustered and said something about how “Just like New Yorkers they were” and then the person in the wheel chair was pushed to the front. Luckily for us the group of ladies stayed in front of us.

I thought it was a little annoying how they thought they would be able to show up right when it was starting and push their way right to the front despite the fact that everyone that was there had been waiting for hours, but right then the balloons started passing and I forgot about the them. After several Balloons had passed some kids pushed their way through the crowd and people let them buy. Then their parents came pushing through; and guess who started getting in their face and full-out blocking them from getting buy? You guessed it, the Southern Ladies. I couldn’t take the irony and asked the lady how she of all people could be giving people a hard time about people pushing forward? She didn’t care to answer. The Black lady and husband that were pushing in then almost got in a fight with several people including the black and southern ladies slamming into each other and the black guy threatening to beat up some other man. Finally someone called for the police and things quieted down. In short there were just eight or so really rood people amongst the 200 or so that were pack in with us.

The Parade was cool, the Balloons were huge, and overall it was a good time. Julee and I both got tired and we decided to leave a little early. The problem was that the crowd had grown from being eight rows think to being one whole block thick. It took ten minutes to push our way out and when we did it was a relief to be able to stretch and bend our legs.

After we escaped from the crowd we then headed up to central park were Julee did some ice skating (Can you find here in the picture?) and then we headed to JFK airport were we saw Cyri and Owen (Julee’s sister and Brother in law) who were on their way to Europe. By the time we arrived home we were beat. We did have turkey and stuffing -leftovers that Julee had brought home from a work party meeting our turkey requirement for the day. All in all a very different Thanksgiving experience.


Katie said...

That's crazy! Haha, it's always fun to be in the middle of a bunch of angry women, isn't it? We'll have to have you guys over again soon to remind you of true New York hospitality (even though we're from Utah).

Suspension Bridges said...

Sounds like you are having all sorts of interesting and memorable experiences. Justin and I went to his brothers cabin to cut down our xmas trees and I couldn't help but remember the few times I was lucky enough to go to your cabin Julee in Scofield. Thanks for giving me some fun memories. We should talk soon. Has your Phone number Changed? E-mail me.


Garrett and Mindy Sessions said...

Matt if I was there I would have let you sit on my shoulders... Even if it would have started a roit.


Garrett and Mindy Sessions said...

P.S. sweet beard

Jenny & Scott said...

Does your apartment have room for 6 visitors? How 'bout 3 and we just drop the kids off with you?

Hope your having Happy Holidays!

Scott & Jenny

Angela said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds like ours...The Magic Kingdom was very crowded and we met a lot of characters that day...Pooh Bear, Tigger, and others. Glad you had fun. Your apartment looks so cute. You and Julee did a great job. Makes me want to visit you more. Hope you are doing great.

Angela, Kevin and the girls.

Rustino Scar said...

matt, I'm kind of surprised you said anything to the ladies who were pushing and stuff, well not to all the ladies, but to the black ladies. I know how you have this weird fear of the black women. haha

Suspension Bridges said...

Julee, I am e-mailing you as well to make sure you get this. What is your address so I can send you your Chrismats Card?