Sunday, August 3, 2008


While we were in the process of looking at apartment in New Jersey (more space for less money) we stopped in for some good ole' fried chicken at KFC. I bit down on a nice crunchy chicken strip and right then Matt's accusations became true and I could no longer hide it: I am a redneck from Price, Utah. Well, Matt married me so he chose redneck; I didn't have a choice. You see, I was born without a left lateral incisor. First I had an UGLY gap, then a fake tooth hooked on my braces, retainers, and most recently the two teeth adjacent to the missing tooth (a bridge) and now I am back to the UGLY gap. That bridge gave way that fateful day...if only I had known how fateful it was really going to be I would not have laughed when it happened. We went on from KFC, tooth in pocket, to see the last apartment of the day...OUR apartment. It is a beautifully renovated one bedroom that is bigger and 500 dollars cheaper than our place in Manhattan. Our new landlord was the first person I had to talk to without my tooth. You can imagine...or maybe you can't, whatever. Anyway, I am on day 8 without my tooth. Since then I have had to learn to go about my business not smiling for nobody (I have to really concentrate on not talking like a redneck although I look and sound like one when the air goes through that gap when i speak, sometimes I slip). Yes, I even went to work all week. Luckily I only see my two co-workers and my boss. They laugh at me...and pity me I think. I told my boss, who is very weary of mine and Matt's Razor kick scooters that we ride around everywhere, that I crashed and knocked my tooth out. She didn't think it was very funny...but my co-workers did. Even more shocking to me than the duration of time I have had to wait for the dental lab to get my custom "flipper" made (I am back to the retainer with a tooth stage) is the fact that my dental team (yes, at the place I use to work), in the process of trying to temporarily bond the old tooth back on, sucked it into the suction tube and could not retrieve it!!! I am not joking. Matt tried to make something for me at school but it didn't work. Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary and I get my flipper after work; it better fit!

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Rachel said...

That is HILARIOUS!! I can just see it! LOL!