Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Company

It would be very miserable for me right now if I was still working 8/9 hours a day on my feet so I am thankful I don't HAVE to be...but I do miss my co-workers/friends from Sweet Bliss. I recently had two of them, Sara (left) and Christena (right) over for a Sunday lunch. It was really fun! I made everything on Saturday: cheesy potato soup, home made bread, a salad, pink lemonade, and S'more brownies (they are both vegetarian). On Sunday Matt and I met up with them after church (they were invited to that too) at Journal Square and we walked to our abode and I just had to heat up the soup. It was very cool.

These are some other pictures taken at work

Look how my belly has grown (pix also taken at work)


Cyrie said...

I love all your pictures. I can't believe how your belly has grown. Your hair is getting long too. I need to start looking at plane tickets so Owen and I can come see the baby this summer!

Suspension Bridges said...

Cute pics. Your belly has grown but you are still tiny. How long are you growing your hair out? I honestly only remember you with long hair our senior year.

MattJohn and JuleeBug said...

Ya you do Cyrie! You AND Owen!

MattJohn and JuleeBug said...

Ya Lys. I really haven't had it long since then. I am going to grow it really long this time!!!